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Mark Warner:

Many thanks for the invite. Boy you have been busy!!

I have used many of the scans here for my site

Best regards,


Welcome Mark!

Mark Warner:
Many thanks!

 Although I saw your initial message and took a look at your site several days ago, last night was the first real chance I had to go through your archives and do a little reading. I very much enjoyed the lead story from the book you have identified as "Lightning #1" which features (F)Lash Lightning vs a character known as The Mastermind, and an appearance by another villain known as the Mummy. I don't know where you obtained that material but that was the best Lightning story I have ever read, and I'm going to have to conduct a search to see who wrote the story (the artist was obviously Jim Mooney, and his artwork was a great contribution to the story).

 I'm going to see what else you have on tap besides that issue (I read the rest of the book as well, and I have read five of the other complete books you have in various genres), as well as keeping track of what you post in the future. I love it when someone brings a gem of a story to my attention, and I suspect there may be a few other wonderful things I would no know about otherwise in with the ordinary chaff of the other selections.




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