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Favorite Comic-related Hoaxes

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Seeing as how it's April 1st (aka "April Fool's Day"), I thought I'ld ask everyone about their favorite Comic-related Hoax, joke or gag.

Alex Ross on The Wonder Twins:  From an issue of Wizard.  While I knew right away it was just a joke, it would have been neat to have seen what Ross would have done with the characters.

Marvel's Sentry:  I thought this hoax by Wizard & Marvel was well-done, with the set-up coming a couple of months before they debuted the Sentry character in the pages of Wizard.  If only that much thought was put into every comic-related hoax.

Anyone else got some good ones?

I very much enjoyed the Great Boo-Boo contest in "The Night of March 31st" in some early 60s issue of Superman.  And I know my parents enjoyed it as it kept my brother an me quite as we read and re-read that story on a long car trip.

My own personal favorite April Fool's Day prank was when I made a fake cover for a Four Color issue of "Route 66." It was two years ago while I was laid up after cancer surgery and it kept me occupied. I claimed I'd found the scan on-line and asked Dell4C if he had any info about this missing issue.

He saw through it pretty quickly and knew it was a fake, but didn't realize I'd constructed it.

While not comic related it was a masterful hoax in the Canadian Sun newspaper chains -
'An iTax on web surfing.'

If you knew how nasty the govt is in Canada seemingly willing to tax everything they can think of it was plausible enough to fool me until about half way in.

The publishers had stated that every issue of Groo the Wanderer had a hidden message. I never found one. Don't know if that was a hoax or I just didn't look closely enough.

darkmark (RIP):
A lot of them did, but Mark Evanier says he doesn't do them anymore.  At least, that's what he *says*...


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