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Can we get a last 50 uploads list, please?  If it had upload date & time that would be even nicer.

Never mind -- I knew as I was hitting send, I should have checked Yoc's signature.  Though a date & time stamp would make the list even nicer.

Hi Jon,
I'm not sure that's possible.  It's a .php file and I'm not a coder but I was told how to make it 300 instead of just 100.


Captain DJ:
Plan is to have a nice detailed page for last uploaded/top downloaded upload/top rated download. Until then Yocs list is best we got.

with a date uploaded as well I hope.

This should work here too, since it is the same script as of GAC

How to obtain  the list of scans ordered (more or less) by date:

1- Go to the search page

2- Search for the letter "c"

3- Just go to the end of the list to see the last scans

Your welcome


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