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darkmark (RIP):
Just uploaded the final version of THRILLING COMICS #22 (this time with the correct last couple of pages) and freddyfly's scan of TIM HOLT #37.  I'm also trying to upload a batch of SPIRIT scans we've recently gotten in.  Enjoy.

Thanks DM, love the Nedor stuff.

Thanks very much for your help DM.
All are now up!

darkmark (RIP):
Now on the FTP (or it should be):  FIGHTING YANK #29.  This is a 29-page crazy-quilt from at least 3 different sources, including Mr. Door Tree, but it's all there and not reprint.  All of the Yank stories are present, even though it's no-ads.  Enjoy.

Thanks DM!
It's now up gang.


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