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Thank You! Aussie, CaptainDJ and Yoc

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Thanks to Aussie, CaptainDJ and Yoc.
I have cajoled, begged, browbeaten and yes, downright bullied them, to get this place up and running.
They have all stayed up into the small hours of the morning working on the site.
All would have preferred to have gone live later on in the week, I insisted on going live when we did, so if they are grumpy and short tempered, it's my fault.
I cannot imagine working with a better, more competent group of people than these three.
My heartfelt thanks.

Thanks to JohnC for keeping the backup forum running so we had a place to meet and discuses the various issues  we encountered on the way.

Three cheers and a hearty "Thank You" to all. Your hard work is appreciated. It came together much sooner than I would have imagined.

What they said.

tv horror:
Thank you all for the welcome back, I have not downloaded anything since I joined in the beginning, I just love classic comics and anyone who is interested in them. 

Then you should feel right at home! Welcome!  ;D


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