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Re: Darwination upload
« Reply #165 on: March 30, 2023, 02:01:15 AM »

Cover only!  Teen-Age Romance 042.  I grabbed a couple of the best JVJ Baker covers from Snard's share ten plus years ago and came across them during my recent return to scanning and couldn't help but work this one.

Get an easier look here:
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There's some other previously unshared Baker work from yours truly on that feed in the form of splash pages from the sweat magazines as well as a number of the covers I did for the JVJ project.

I'm also back up on the blog, covering mainly magazine material including the first publications of publishers that we would come to know well years later during the goldenage.

Like Harry Donenfeld's humble beginnings in the girlie pulps with naughty little magazines.  The foundation of what would become the DC empire:
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http://darwinscans.blogspot.com/2023/03/joy-stories-v01n03-february-1930-worth.htmlIn the post following that post heavy on Worth Carnahan who we know from the comics as well (Champion Comics, Cyclone Comics, New York World's Fair Comics), I break down some misconceptions about the girlie pulps, not really naughty as you'd imagine but more in the vein of romantic comedy.

Or the first publication from what would eventually become Ziff-Davis, pulp, comic, and paperback publisher, later mulitimedia conglomerate, Ziff's Magazine (good cartoonists in here as well):
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Yoc hit me up with our goldenage needs list, so I will keep an eye out when I go through my boxes.  Looking through my old scans, I'd forgotten how much I love golden age comics (especially the romances), so maybe I'll do a fresh one now and then even if I plan on working with mostly pulp and magazine material.

Hope everyone's well - just a brief look around has been fun - like Fett still scanning the hell out of the Charlton's, gotta love it.  The Golden Age was my first exposure to scans (long before I became a scanner) and the scanners here really set the bar in terms of dedication, hard work and camaraderie. The fact that a community of volunteer comic scanners have scanned almost the entire library of comics from the goldenage forward is pretty damn amazing - hopefully the pulp scanning community can mimic the achievement.
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Re: Darwination upload
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Re: Darwination upload
« Reply #166 on: March 30, 2023, 07:48:35 AM »
Welcome back Darwin!!
And thanks for all the cool goodies.  Lots to look at and learn there gang.
Well worth the look.