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I uploaded Crime Detective V02 006. It's Darwination's scan I saw you didn't have yet.

Wow, you are on a roll!
Thanks very much sir.

I have a few more but I don't want to step on anyone's toes by uploading their scans. I guess they won't mind as long as I give them credit.

Hi A,
We are aware of which books are missing from DCM that are on GAC and working on a plan so don't worry about those yet.  
But if you spot anything besides those that aren't up here please do upload them.  Be a great guy and put the name of the scanner at the end of the file name would you?
ie - Blue Bolt v7 04 (no ads,txt)-bchat for example.
I'll then credit the original scanner as author and you as uploader.


I uploaded Adventures in Romance. JVJ/Darwination (noted in file) from St. John Publishing


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