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Why the Digital Comics Museum?


Myself and Serj started the original Golden Age Comics site (GAC-UK on 2006-11-04), we roped Aussie500 in within the first day.
Aussie did most of the work tracking down what was public domain and what wasn't.
We made Yoc an admin in pretty short order when we saw how his love for golden age comics translated into offering to do most of the work.
For whatever reasons the original GAC site was taken out of our hands.
Without going into specifics, the communication between us, the original admins, and the (then) current GAC owner broke down.
The original admin decided to move on and start our own site - The Digital Comic Museum.
DCM will operate in much the same way as the original site.  The Dec. 1959 cut-off date remains.
There will be minor differences, the original admins have returned except for Serj, some new admins will be added to help things along.  New moderators will come on board as we find them.

There is no competition between this site and CB+.  There is no animosity, and none will be allowed. 
Posts on DCM will be closely monitored and removed if they break this rule.
CB+ and this forum are not going to allow an US vs THEM sentiment to start.
Other than that Please enjoy your time on DCM and join in the fun, it's our new home!


CB+ has a fantastic new owner Mark whom we have nothing but good feelings about and are thrilled to see what a wonderful job he's done to resurrect the site to all new heights.

If you are enjoying DCM please consider making a cash donation towards our monthly server bill.
Any amount would be welcomed and donators are given VIP status on receipt.
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