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AOL Users Please Read


If you are an AOL ISP/Email user then I recommend you DO NOT register your download account with an AOL email addy.

The reason for this is that AOL don't seem to like our email server and so blocks all of our incoming emails. This means when you register you will be unable to activate any of your accounts or get any of our emails.

Use a better email host that does not block us or a free email host like gmail, hotmail or yahoo.

Captain DJ:
Can someone with an AOL account please sign up and test this for me?
Or anyone who on AOL and got it set as their email here if they get emails from us ie forum PMs etc let me know so we can see if it fixed.

Hard to test something when not got AOL account.

phabox (RIP):
An email from this site made it thought to my AOL account.


Thanks Nigel.


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