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Those are publishers from which nothing is allowed. Supersnipe is under copyright protection and not allowed at DCM.

Ok thanks, i will look further for something that i possibly have to share here.

Check the FAQ section dombo and if you spot a title that doesn't exist anywhere on the site please feel free to check with us on the forum before you upload anything.

Thanks for checking with us first on S&S.

Ger Apeldoorn:
I see there is no restriction for Prize Comics? I have large runs of JTTG, Headline and PCW and would like to try my hand at adding them.

Hi Ger,
Great to see you here, fellow member of DocV's T-A group.

Most PRIZE books are allowed with some exceptions we try to list in their section-

We can't allow -
Black Magic 29-33,
Fighting American
Young Love after Dec 1959 (or any title after that date)

Please read the FAQ on how to upload HERE or send me a Private Message (little word balloon under my name on the left) and I can send you of FTP login info if you prefer that method of uploading.

Looking forward to seeing more Prize Westerns and Headlines!


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