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NOTE - There might be a delay of 24-36hrs before new accounts are recognized by the main download site as active.  Please wait that long before contacting us.  Also be SURE to read the 'Can't Login on DCM?  Click HERE!' link as well before contacting us.  Thanks!


Welcome to the Digital Comic Museum we are a site mainly devoted to public domain comics from the Golden Age era, so hopefully when you found us you weren't too disappointed not to find more modern comics. Being a museum we go for the really ancient ones.  ;)

Feel free to start a new thread to say hello, and maybe tell us a bit about yourself, or how you found us. We all look forward to hearing from our new members, or maybe even some old friends from elsewhere.

Please take a moment and vote in our 'how old are you' topic before you leave.,2171.msg26458/topicseen.html#msg26458

If you are enjoying DCM please consider making a cash donation towards our monthly server bill.
Any amount would be welcomed and donators are given VIP status on receipt.
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NOTE- JAVASCRIPT must be turned ON to login on the site.

If you are using the 'CHROME' operating system you might find that you cannot login on the download page.  Please try another operating system with the same name/pw as you registered with if you have problems.


If you have read the FAQ and still need help from the staff PLEASE use the CONTACT US link on the download homepage [CLICK HERE] and fill out our support form.  Once you've sent your message someone on staff will try to help you.

Wow! Thanks for such a great site! I hope to become a valuable member!

I love the name! Yoc, love the avatar.  ???

Thanks Astaldo711, pull up a chair, grab some chips from the kitchen and enjoy the new digs!
Aussie found the new smilies too.

Welcome to the forum Astaldo711.

Like this batch of smilies since I can actually see them.  :D


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