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Please help us identify and solve the occasional glitch.

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If you find any files that have an incorrect file extension, or even any strange file names, let us know the actual name and the name it should have been so we can update it. There might also be occasionally broken links or incomplete uploads which we might need someone to upload again. And as with all large collections of scans there will be missing or damaged pages that we need to note in the comments for the scan so hopefully one day we can get a complete scan.

I hope this is the right place. I just now joined. is there a time period between joining and being able to download? I just tried to download a katy keene set of comics or one comic of 33pages? anyways it said error you cannot download because you are not logged. but I am logged in. so what do I do? thank you


this is the dnld I want please:

sincerely yours

John C:
I don't know the internals as well as Captain DJ and Zog do (and they've been taking a well-deserved break after getting this place into shape), but something in here might be of use:


If the site says you're not logged in (I don't think I've seen that before), that could be bad data somewhere.  Best bet would be to log out of the site, clear your web browser's cookies, maybe restart the browser just to make sure there's nothing lingering, then log back in and try again.

Before you do that, though, be sure to check the videos linked in the FAQ above, to make sure you registered and logged in correctly.  I've been dealing with computers longer than I care to admit, and every once in a while, I still overlook little details like that.  (I also spent an hour yelling at some tech support guy, once, because he asked if my cable box was plugged in.  Of course I...oh, hey, it looks like the plug slipped out.  Oops.)

As the FAQ mentions Kay (a link in in my signature below) you must use the Exact same name and pw as you are using here on the forum.  If you can login here you should be fine on the download site.
Try John's suggestions and see if that helps.
You aren't the only one that has this happen btw.  Checking the error log in the admin section one can see people from time to time needing to try to login more than once before they can download.


Robin Hood 004 (v1 004)
doesn't exist


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