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We are only a small new site so there are not many rules currently and I hope it stays like this. As time goes on problems will occur and we have to create new rules and enforce them. Can all users be sure they read this thread regular as failing to follow these few simple rules will risk in your accounts being warned or worse case deleted/banned from the system.

We also discourage topics that might easily lead to hurt feelings or cross words such as Politics and Religion.  This is a comics first site and forum.  There are many many forums out there which would welcome such hot button topics so please, PLEASE if you feel the need to vent on such a topic go there and do it.

Rule 0: No Spam of any kind
Spamming the site will get you banned.  This includes having off-topic commercial or suspicious links to sites in your profile under signatures or website entries.  We wont be warning you.  Do it and get caught and you will be banned.  Period.

Rule 1: No Multiple Accounts
The system is set up so a user can register and download files via their account. Each account is given a certain amount of bandwidth to download each day because we only have a certain amount of bandwidth to use each month. If users are found with multiple accounts all accounts will be deleted straight away.  Currently we allow unlimited downloading for registered members so there is not advantage to having multiple accounts anyways.

Rule 2: File upload types
When uploading files to the website we ask you try to only upload files with the following extensions: rar, cbr, zip, cbz or jpg

The reason we ask this is that we DO NOT support PDF files as they are a proprietary format. CBz/r files can be opened straight away with a comic book reader software and display high quality images. Users are then able to unzip/rar the files and use the images for their own personal use, unlike PDF files where they are protected.

ATTENTION MAC USERS - The Mac-installed ZIP utility app that comes standard on mac machines adds some odd files that screws with PC users.  Please use either of the following FREE archiving apps to create your Zip or CBZ files for uploading:
CleanArchiver [for mac]
YemuZipYou should be able to find these freeware apps using Google or Yahoo.

If you require any help making digital comics please check for the tutorial in the DCM Help forum.

Rule 3 accounts
The download site we provide is totally free and by using it you agree to follow our small account of rules and use the site as we have set it out. Due to this I have decided delete all download accounts that were registered using the email addy:

The reason? Well since we are a free site and we DO NOT spam there is no need for you to set up fake accounts to register one or more accounts. First the user who today registered 7 accounts under different email addy's is the small group of people who are using too much of our bandwidth and risking the future of this account.

The reason we ask you provide a valid email addy is so we can try and control how many accounts you have and also if we ever have problems or change url's etc its useful to have a valid email addy to send you one email to inform you. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to access this great site.

Captain DJ:
Rule 4: No Bots
Please do not use any sort of download bots on the site or your account and IP will be banned.

Admin Note: Don't like updating rules or adding new ones but caught few users today via logs who have some sort of download bot as they are downloading 24/7 and sometimes it seems bot is just a bad grabber as they downloaded 60k files when we only have 10k comic files. That's a big waste of bandwidth for no reason.

Captain DJ:
Bumping rules back to the top.

Please can everyone remember to follow the rules when using the Digital Comic Museum.

A small number of users seem to have missed rule 4 and are using bots to automate the download of the comics from our site. This is wasting resources/bandwidth. if you are caught doing this, your account will be banned/restricted!

If anyone has any questions about these rules, please ask in the forum.


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