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CB+'s New Scanilation Section - Translating its GA Non-English Books

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Due to popular demand, Some of us at Comic Book Plus have started translating books from our Non-English Language comic book section.  So far, they've been Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and Chilean productions of Golden Age Science-Fiction,  detective/crime, and Masked/Mystery men crimefighter genre books.  It opens up more and/or better enjoyment for fans of Golden Age stories and artwork, from more countries, for GA fans who are not fluent in these languages.

You can find our new CB+ Scanilation Section at this location:

Awesome! Si habla espanol mala - but it's fun.

Wow, that's quite an ambitious project!
Good luck guys!

paw broon:
Yes it's an ambitious project and one we hope will be popular.
Robb has done an amazing job with the 3 Dutch comics from the '40's. 2 are beeldromans, the 3rd is a lilliput, so I'm also happy wearing my other, odd formats hat.
 The problem with the tiny beeldromans is digging up other examples.  The ones we have were the result of a lot of digging by me and colleagues.  If anyone can point us to De Kat or Spot Morton, that would be great

I'll keep an eye out.  I'm torn between the clean translations (with English replacing the text entirely) and some of the ones that are done with the language side by side as a preference.  Either way - great project!


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