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CNCC Classic Comics - Mortified #02


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Comic Name: CNCC Classic Comics - Mortified #02 (65.66 MB)
Description: CNCC Classic Comics are digitally remastered reprints of Golden Age comics, focusing primarily on the output of Jack Kirby and Mort Meskin during their tenure at Prize Comics Group. The restorations begin by chemically removing the color from an original copy of the comic. The line art is then tightened to remove printing imperfections and other errors. Finally, the art is re-colored using a palette of solid tones derived from samples of the original coloring.

Mortified is an anthology title collecting horror and crime stories drawn by Golden Age greats. Though it starts with Mort Meskin tales, it quickly incorporates work by other artists and publishers whose work was inspired.
Uploaded by: Raytus
Upload Date: 2024-04-27 14:56:22
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Comment made at: CNCC Classic Comics - Mortified #02
The quality of the restorations on these CNCC titles is amazing!

Comment made at: CNCC Classic Comics - Mortified #02 (missing page added) -fixed
Very nice. It's interesting that at least some of these are different than the original CNCC releases. Changes include story order, cropping, and even colouring.


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