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Yahoooo! It's DCM's FOURTEENTH Anniversary! (03.28.2024)

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Thanks for the kind words guys.  :)
I'm sure the staff and scanners enjoy hearing all their work is being appreciated.


Thanks to all the scanners and uploaders for all those great Golden Age comics new to our site!  I was especially glad to complete Jamboree Comics (Jetstone), and get Adventures of Peter Wheat 49(Other Eric)(now missing only #16 and 51).  After completing Scream Comics, getting within 1 of completing Coo Coo Comics, and 1 of completing Goofy Comics and Buster Bunny, I've had a good year in filling and narrowing my wants list.

Wow, 14 years, who'd a thought it would last all this time...there's been one or two blips along the way  >:(

Thank you Yoc for keeping such a good hand on the tiller.

I'll try and be around more often.


Wonderful to see you again!

Yep, we're still chugging along sharing all the scans we can safely share.
I hope you are are doing well on your end and that we do hear from you again soon.

Stay well!


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