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Author Topic: Yahoooo! It's DCM's FOURTEENTH Anniversary! (03.28.2024)  (Read 3984 times)

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Yahoooo! It's DCM's FOURTEENTH Anniversary! (03.28.2024)
« on: March 28, 2024, 10:08:05 PM » banner82-14th anniversary animated v3.gif
First 'crowd' panel by Anthony Castillo;  Second 'Sentinels' panel: Brendon Fraim (pencils), Brian Fraim (inker), Christopher Ivy (colorist).
To learn more about Roy and Darrin's entertaining comics lines just click on their Names above.
Our many thanks again for their support and generosity in letting us use their artworks for this banner.

Hi Gang,
Welcome to our Fourteenth Anniversary!

We've had some nice high points and one very sad low point this past year.  Such is life.  We'll cover it all shortly.
First let's look at some impressive numbers...

This last year we gained 14319 new members and today sit with 98561 total!
We also added 408 new scans during the year and have 24470 total!

We had another nice year of adding new and upgrading old scans for you all.  Our anniversary last year debuted 18 new or updated scans. 
Many thanks to everyone who contributed to our big day!  :)

The talented corps of our most frequent scanners had another great year...

Superscan shared 15+ from a variety of publishers, most notably five issues of Fawcett's Wow Comics including #1.  They are all found here.
Other highlights from Superscan - Bulletman 015 (diff ver), Exciting Comics 034 (diff ver), National Comics 063 (diff ver), Planet Comics 024 (diff ver), Weird_Comics_019 (diff ver), and several more on our big today.

Titansfan and David Miles continued their work together.  Highlights include - Contact Comics 007 (diff ver), Roly Poly 11 (v2 02), Cosmo Cat 002 (1957)(Green) and five issues of Oral Roberts' comic to complete the run.

Titansfan was busy on his own as well.  Between both he shared approximately 24 new scans this past year!  He might be getting sick of hearing it but vintage comics fans everywhere owe TF a huge thank-you for all the books he's preserved over his years.  We can only guess on all the time and money he's spent on our hobby.
Some other notable Titansfan scans included - Blue Beetle 059 (c2c), Bill Boyd Western 10, Humphrey 012, Little Max Comics 012ALL of these filled holes in the DCM collection!  :D

In March we received the first of three new books from Jetstone.  Some fun stuff - Sport Thrills 14, Sport Thrills 11, Captain Midnight 037 (diff ver).  Jet shared three more to mark our big day.

March 29, 2023 - we debuted scans of a very rare Lev Gleason crime magazine - Tops #2.  Tops #1 was shared the previous Christmas.  Raw scans of these books were generously donated by Michael T. Gilbert, Roger Hill (who sadly passed away in Dec 2023), and George HagenauerYou can find the scans in our Lev Gleason section near the bottom.

In April, Darwination shared another of his colour Spirit Section scans as well as another just today.  One of the many he's shared over the years.  Darwin was busy this past year sharing 25+ scans alone or with help from other editors.  Some of his solo highlights include Shocking Mystery Cases 058, Terrors of the Jungle 021, and Ballyhoo v01 n01 (1931-08)

We shared many more b/w Spirit Sections last year.  These were via King Faraday and Dave Hayward from black and white online sources.  It's nice to have them on the site but we sure hope to someday have colour scans of them someday.  The b&w scans don't hold a candle to real colour from paper scans.  If anyone out there has some PLEASE consider scanning them or letting us do them for you.  We're still missing a lot of them.

SRCA1941 shared many more goodies this year such as Gold Medal Comics (in two parts), Big Shot 002 (paper), Jungle Comics 137 (diff ver), Super-Dooper 05 [Able Man. Co.],
Wonderworld Comics 009.

In May, we were surprised by a BMinor who shared a very nice Mac RaBoy book - Golden Lad 003 (ifc fiche).  And not long after CmxDC shared the last of his LOC scans when he debuted Sheena, Queen of the Jungle 03 [diff ver].

Agentdynamo kept busy sharing several more Standard Comics scans with us.  Many early issues that must have cost him $$$.  We're very lucky to have AD in our scanner's ranks!  His new scans include: America's Best Comics 004  Exciting Comics 002, Fighting Yank 003 (diff ver)(inc), Thrilling Comics 002 (paper) and several more early Standard issues!

DCM is always hoping for missing books to scan or upgrade on older scans.  If ANYONE out there owns some golden-age books please think about preserving them.  And if you can't scan them yourself, we do have a fast and trustworthy scanner on staff who has already scanned thousands of books for JVJ and others that are featured on the site.

For example, MrTimely sent us some more of his collection to scan.  DCM staffer and official site scanner Brian House quickly and safely scanned them and I was thrilled to do the editing!   All of them are rare books getting a nice high resolution scan.  :)
MrTimely books that were scanned by Brian - Bulletman 010 (diff ver), Special Comics 01 (diff ver), Weird_Comics_001 (paper), C-M-O Comics 001 [diff ver], and Mammoth Comics 01 [Western].

BuilderBoy also continued sharing some nice missing key books such as...  Fantastic Comics 008 (diff ver), Jungle Comics 004 [diff ver], Jungle Comics 006 [diff ver], Fantastic Comics 018 (diff ver).

Starting in June, ComicsCastle got us several issues of Harvey's risque humour title 'Good Humor'.  You can see them here:

June 16 - we had our first brush with a malicious spambot.  A spam comment was left on every DCM book on the site that would send viewers to a dating site!  (No it was not a DCM bonus feature...)  It took some work but DCM admin CaptDJ, our tech guru, rode to the rescue and the site was restored.  23,000 spam comments were zapped from the site and the offender banned from our fair site, the jerk!  We've sadly had to make leaving comments on the scans for VIP members only.  :( message pictures/14th Anniversary/Comics and Toy Show 3sm.jpg
On June 18th, Rangerhouse had his third annual 'COMICS & TOY show' at his Clyde, OH at his Copper Whale Winery. (see above)  Brian has been doing great things with his event space including a new stage this past year.  Anyone curious can learn more here.  Good luck with everything Brian!

Freddyfly did several more upgrades and a few new scans (Thanks Len!) including  Bob Steele Western 006 and Dotty Dripple 021.

+++ message pictures/14th Anniversary/JVJ small.jpg
This past July we learned of the sad passing of Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr. (JVJ) (10.24.1946 - 7.7.2023) at age 76. 
Jim's presence can be felt all over DCM.  His importance to DCM and all comics collectors and scholars can't be overstated.  From his first day joining GAC (our pre-DCM days) on September 19, 2008 he showed amazing knowledge, generosity and trust when he allowed a group of fellow comics fans a chance to scan from his HUGE comics collection.  We would call it the 'JVJ Project' and happily receive boxes of comic books from Jim for several years.  From 2008 until the 'JVJ Project' ended in early 2017 Jim would send out over 4000 comics for scanning!  600 in the last batch alone!  We owe Rangerhouse and Soothsayr a huge thank-you for all their work scanning the bulk of the books sent by JVJ for preservation.  Thanks very much guys!

You can read our JVJ tribute topic with many condolences and reminiscences at this link.


August.25, 2023 - To celebrate Walt Kelly's 110th birthday we started a Peter Wheat Wednesdays Spotlight.  Working with DCM Staffer / scanner OtherEric, we shared several issues of the Peter Wheat giveaways and 6 volumes of our own user made collections of the Peter Wheat Omnibus!  If you are any kind of Walt Kelly fan you definitely should see these!  They can all be found here:

In September, DCM staffer Dave Hayward started editing for Darwination.  Together they would share seven new scans over the next few months.  Highlights are Our Secret 6, Captain Steve Savage (2nd) 09.

Dave H also managed to land some nice books of his own for scanning and sharing such as Bill Boyd Western 20, Cowboy Love 010 (diff ver), Youthful Love 001 [Export Publishing], and some IW reprints we were missing.

Scanning partnerships also shared several books this year - thanks to Los Pollos Hermanos, SuperMack and Nairobi Trio (see below) for everything.

A face from the past popped up again in November.  Several Soothsayr books showed up all edited by David Miles.  Thanks guys!

For December 2023 - We had a Ballyhoo Magazine Spotlight, focused on the 1930s humour title.  Working with Darwination Scans we shared 18 issues of the title and other magazines from the genre and era.
We've had some upgrades done on incomplete or damaged scans during the year.  Tronvillain and Darwination helped on many of those.  Thanks guys!

In late December, SRCA1941 found a bit of Centaur history that we'd only heard rumours existed.  Back in 1937, Fox Features attempted their own comic supplement for newspapers.  The idea didn't last long but thankfully Eric found them online.  You can find samples of them from fiche and recreations made by SRCA.  Check Centaur's 'Funny Pictures Story' folder or in the our 14th Anniversary Gifts folder.  Link at the end of this message.  It's well worth a look!

In January 2024, rookie scanner Atomicsteve donated several of his comics for scanning and shortly after started to do his own scans for the site.  We had a week of Steve mid January.  He's shared several books with the site filling many holes in the collection.  Welcome to the scanner's club Steve!  :)

In February 2024 another new face, Gulliver, made his first scan and we hope it's the first of many.  We also saw the debut of The Nairobi Trio's 'NuFiche' scans.  Using a microscope they've been able to vastly improve the image quality in the fiche scans they shared with us.  You can see them all if you do a search for NuFiche.

New Comic donors to our cause: Atomicsteve, Dave Dustin.
New scanners to the site: Arten, Cap12xx, Gulliver, lyzardegod, kyjb70, RETRO COMIC REPRINTS, Willie Wiliams.  Atomicsteve joined the scanners ranks after donating some books first.
New collections debuted today from Atomic Surgeon, Raytus and OtherEric + Yoc.

Each year we pay tribute to all the Financial Donors that help keep the lights on at DCM.  We've been blessed with several repeating donors that go a long way to covering each month.  Thanks SO MUCH to all our donors!  We wouldn't be here if it weren't for financial donations that pay our server bill each month.

And there been a few 'super donors' that surprise us with a large single donation.  It's lovely to say we had another one last June from John Mulholland who has made several very generous donations since he joined us in 2016.

We always like to end these post with a reminder about our WANTED COMICS LIST  maintained by Movielover and A Nonny Moose.  To anyone out there with a collection of Golden Age Comics, please give the list a look.  You might have something we are missing or could use an upgrade for on the site.  Please consider scanning or letting a trusted staffer scan your books for you.  You can use the CONTACT US link if you want to contact us about the idea or if you have a question.  We would love to work with you on something for the site!

Now go check out the special temporary Fourteenth Anniversary Gift Section now up here!
There's a pile of new goodies to enjoy!  :D :)

Here's hoping for another great year,

Digital Comic Museum

Yahoooo! It's DCM's FOURTEENTH Anniversary! (03.28.2024)
« on: March 28, 2024, 10:08:05 PM »

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Re: Yahoooo! It's DCM's FOURTEENTH Anniversary!
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2024, 02:24:53 PM »
Here's a list of all our Anniversary Gift Books -

From SRCA1941:
Big Shot Comics 007 [Columbia 1940]-c2c  [1pg_pt_fiche]
Blackhawk 099 [Quality 1956]-c2c
Book-Comics 01 (Reconstruction) (Centaur 1937).zip
Book-Comics 02 (Reconstruction) (Centaur 1937).zip
Book-Comics 03 (Reconstruction) (Centaur 1937).zip
Book-Comics 04 (Reconstruction) (Centaur 1937).zip
Book-Comics 11 (Reconstruction) (Centaur 1937).zip
Book-Comics 12 (Reconstruction) (Centaur 1937).zip
Fighting Yank 014 [Nedor 1945]-c2c
Four Favorites 020 [Ace 1945]-c2c
Target Comics v09 07 [Novelty Press 1948]-c2c

From OtherEric:
Adventures of Peter Wheat 009 -c2c  -OtherEric.cbz
Adventures of Peter Wheat 049-c2c  -OtherEric.cbz
Cowboy Western 067 [Charlton]-c2c  -OtherEric.cbz
Wild_Bill_Hicock_and_Jingles_068 [Charlton]-c2c  -OtherEric.cbz
Al Williamson at Charlton Collection  -OtherEric-Yoc.cbz

from Superscan, fills for.. (still to come):
Target Comics v01 04 (Novelty) (May 1940) (c2c) (Michael Barnes+Superscan fill).cbz
Target Comics v01 05 (Novelty) (Jun 1940) (c2c) (Rangerhouse-Yoc+Superscan fills).cbz
Target Comics v01 06 (Novelty) (Jul 1940) (c2c) (Rangerhouse-Yoc+Superscan fills).cbz
Target Comics v01 09 (Novelty) (Oct 1940) (c2c) (OtherEric+Superscan fills).cbz
Target Comics v01 10 (Novelty) (Nov 1940) (c2c) (Rangerhouse-Yoc+Superscan fills).cbz
Target Comics v01 12 (Novelty) (Jan 1941) (c2c) (OtherEric+Superscan fills).cbz

from Los Pollos Hermanos:
Popular Comics 032 (Dell) (Sep 1938) (c2c) (Los Pollos Hermanos).cbz
Popular Comics 033 (Dell) (Oct 1938) (c2c) (Los Pollos Hermanos).cbz
Popular Comics 034 (Dell) (Nov 1938) (c2c) (Los Pollos Hermanos).cbz
Popular Comics 035 (Dell) (Dec 1938) (c2c) (Los Pollos Hermanos).cbz
Popular Comics 036 (Dell) (Jan 1939) (c2c) (Los Pollos Hermanos).cbz

from Jetstone:
Jamboree 002 (Round Pub. Com.)(smaller ver 2) -Jetstone.cbz
Space Ace 05 (ME 1952)
Whiz 012 [Fawcett]-c2c

as well as...
Capt. Billys Whiz Bang v05 n59 [Fawcett 1924.03] -Vaguery.cbz
Illustrated Stories of the Opera -Carmen [Baily Publishing Com. 1943]-c2c -MTGilbert.cbz
Champion Comics 010 [Harvey 1940.08](bw,fiche+FC.RC)
King,Frank -Skeezix and Uncle Walt (1924 Reilly and Lee Co.)
Spirit Section 162 (1943-07-04 Philadelphia Record) (Darwin).cbr

New collections debuts:
CNCC Classic Comics - Crestwood Love #08  -Raytus.cbz
CNCC Classic Comics - Mortified #01  -Raytus.cbz
CNCC Classic Comics - Young Romance #15  -Raytus.cbz
The Almost Complete Frankenstein by Dick Briefer from Prize Comics -Atomic Surgeon.cbr

A huge THANK-YOU to EVERYONE above for sharing these books on our big day.

Take care,

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Re: Yahoooo! It's DCM's FOURTEENTH Anniversary!
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2024, 09:50:57 PM »
Thanks to everyone!

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Re: Yahoooo! It's DCM's FOURTEENTH Anniversary!
« Reply #3 on: March 30, 2024, 04:08:05 AM »
The time and effort of this post is incredible.  I knew you guys did a lot but WOW.  Thanks!  Also the cross work with the Internet Archive! (IA is how I believe I first ran into this site and joined in 2014).

I would like to add that for all the schlocky entertainment that we pay for - it is a singularly special thing that DCM has not locked the collection behind a paywall and truly in the spirit of giving access to out of copyright materials.

Special shout out to Movielover and A Nonny Moose for maintaining the Wanted Comic List and Yoc for answering all my inane questions/checking scans.

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Re: Yahoooo! It's DCM's FOURTEENTH Anniversary!
« Reply #4 on: March 30, 2024, 06:55:24 AM »
Love this site and love you guys. This site is my mental health break.

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Re: Yahoooo! It's DCM's FOURTEENTH Anniversary!
« Reply #5 on: March 30, 2024, 08:21:04 AM »
Thanks for the kind words guys.  :)
I'm sure the staff and scanners enjoy hearing all their work is being appreciated.


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Re: Yahoooo! It's DCM's FOURTEENTH Anniversary!
« Reply #6 on: March 30, 2024, 12:34:00 PM »
Thanks to all the scanners and uploaders for all those great Golden Age comics new to our site!  I was especially glad to complete Jamboree Comics (Jetstone), and get Adventures of Peter Wheat 49(Other Eric)(now missing only #16 and 51).  After completing Scream Comics, getting within 1 of completing Coo Coo Comics, and 1 of completing Goofy Comics and Buster Bunny, I've had a good year in filling and narrowing my wants list.

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Re: Yahoooo! It's DCM's FOURTEENTH Anniversary! (03.28.2024)
« Reply #7 on: April 18, 2024, 11:10:48 AM »
Wow, 14 years, who'd a thought it would last all this time...there's been one or two blips along the way  >:(

Thank you Yoc for keeping such a good hand on the tiller.

I'll try and be around more often.


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Re: Yahoooo! It's DCM's FOURTEENTH Anniversary! (03.28.2024)
« Reply #8 on: April 18, 2024, 03:10:14 PM »
Wonderful to see you again!

Yep, we're still chugging along sharing all the scans we can safely share.
I hope you are are doing well on your end and that we do hear from you again soon.

Stay well!