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Romantic Secrets 036 (Fawcett Nov 1952) unedited.

I have a raw scan.  For whatever reason DCM kept failing out at the upload point so if I added multiples - sorry!

It's a fragile book and I had to over-scan along the edges.  I'd rather have it uploaded now then have everyone wait for me to trim and edit it and fix the tears, tape and over-scanning.  I can do a cleaner and edited upload later unless someone beats me to it.

As the truckers say, "It'll get there when I get there."

Thanks very much LG!
Your file made it to us fine.  If you have any uploading problems in the future just send me a Private Message (click the word balloon under my avatar) and we can figure out another way to get it to us.

Your Fawcett is now up for reading.

Thanks!  My internet is powered by two drunk squirrels.  If it keeps happening, I'll ping you!

You've got TWO squirrels?  That's high speed compared to mine some days...


Today it's fine but my server was also upgraded and rebooted today so *shrug*.


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