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I thought I would try posting an old story I vaguely remember reading years ago in the forlorn hope that maybe someone might have heard of it and that it really exists. I call it the Witching Tree but I don't know what it is really. Every hundred years or so a tree gives birth to a seed pod baby. This child lives for 1 year and grows old in one year as a witch. She starts as a child and dies an old woman in 1 year. Has anyone ever heard of this story? That's about all I can remember, Thanks.

Sorry, no idea.  But I'll ask around for you.

Ouch! That story sounds so familiar but I just can't pull it out of the old memory bank. I seem to recall an ACG story like this. Do you recall if the story had a wistful/sad ending (romance, maybe) or a typical horror story finish?

Going out on a limb here but it sounds like one of the tales from Brian Froud / Alan Lee's Fairies books. (Green Woman / Green Man) types.  Man it does sound very familiar though.  Especially the whole pod thing.


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