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AOL has announced Mickey Mouse is now in public domain. Will DCM be accepting uploads for this potentially huge new category?

P.S. Happy Holidays to all!

Absolutely not.  The only Mickey Mouse material going into the public domain is that released in 1928, which doesn’t include any comics that I know of.  Once comics start entering the public domain, we will probably start including them.  Mickey Mouse Magazine (the precursor to Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories) started in 1935, so should enter the public domain starting in 2031, for instance.

Here's a good article on just what Mickey entering the Public Domain does and doesn't allow:


Thanks for clarification, Eric. Too bad MMouse comics will remain non-PD. Would still be great to get some early PD MM mag uploads here.

Just give it a few more years, Larry.  This year is the big one, in that after this there's less reason to defend the incremental releases each further year.


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