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Yoc: message pictures/BallyhooIntro/Ballyhoo v02n02 (1932-03) 0012-0013 bathtub-QUIZ.jpgWelcome to our latest Spotlight gang!

I've split this off into a separate topic and added the above, numbered image to try and help keep things sorted in our minds.

As a fun distraction, can anyone here name the celebrities in the 'All-star Revival of the Bathtub Joke'?

To start you all off...
On the far left is I believe 01.  W.C. Fields ?.

Good luck!

Neat exhibit, Yoc!  I feel like I should know the actor next to W.C. Fields, but it's escaping me.

Big thanks to the Internet Archive scanners that have been pitching in on this important title as well.

I think the first guy with a derby is Buster Keaton, next is Charlie Chaplin & below Charlie might be Mickey Rooney.

The guy in the fur coat near the woman might be Mahatma Gandhi.

Hi SS, thanks for chiming in!  I was hoping you might see this.  You were a great participant in our old Vintage Photos project.

No, I don't think #3 is Buster Keaton.  He only wore a pork-pie hat and was called 'Stone Face' for a reason. 
I agree of course with #4 being Charlie Chaplin.  Still well known to this day as the Little Tramp.
Below Charlie #5 I believe it is the newspaper strip star 'Skippy'.  Not a real person I know but check and you'll see that's his exact hat.
And I think we can all agree it's very likely #30 is Gandhi  but his 'hair shirt' does strike me as an odd choice.

First, big thanks to Darwination for sharing the Ballyhoo magazines.

More All Star Revival of the Bathroom Joke idents:

Far left: Not W.C. but I'm pretty sure it's then President Hebert Hoover, next might be Joe E. Brown but his mouth is often drawn wide open so it's atypical, may be former N.Y. Gov Al Smith, then Chaplin and Skippy, next is silent comic Ben Turpin, Maurice Chevalier and John D. Rockefeller, Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg the president of Germany, low and next to Hindenburg is comic Eddie Cantor followed by ex-pres. Calvin Coolidge and Happy Hooligan with tin can on head. Some others I recognize are: Rudy Vallee with chin hanging over tub edge, Will Rogers just behind Vallee, next is Benito Mussolini whose hand in salut is in front of comic Ed Wynn, and at the end just over Ghandi's shoulder is Abie the Agent.

Third could be Jimmy Durante, quite the schnozz.


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