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It's our 'Ballyoo Spotlight' in December! Introduction message

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Very nice!
Thanks for sharing these Darwin.  Lovely to see more comics connections.

Here's our latest 'Ballyhoo Spotlight' update.
This one features another clone magazine.  When Fawcett saw Ballyhoo take off it only took them three months to produce their own clone called 'Hooey'.  Here are two issue of the mag scanned by BONES.

Hooey v01 n11 (1932-10.Popular Magazines) -Bones.cbr
Hooey v02 n01 (1932-12.Popular Magazines) -Bones.cbr

Hi Gang,
Our latest issue is from Darwination and DaveH.  It's missing two pages but still worth a read!

Ballyhoo v04 n03 (1933-05. Dell) msg-2pgs [Jigsaw Number] Darwin+DaveH.cbz


This issue is fantastic and shows off some of the inventiveness of the magazine.  They were always out to capitalize on trends and novelties (the magazine itself falls into this category), and this issue is the second issue I've seen to take on the jigsaw puzzle which was enjoying huge popularity during the depression as an affordable and re-usable form of entertainment, good for hours and hours and hours of diversion. Those of us who've been perusing these magazines might have noticed, too, that Ballyhoo was always out for a side hustle and was selling various products at newsstands related to the magazine like prints of centerfolds, drink recipe charts, playing cards, etc.  This issue has a puzzle with Russell Patterson art on offer. found some images at Worthpoint, pretty neat! temptation to cut this issue up and do the puzzles must have been extreme.  Sad my copy is missing some pages, but it's pretty common with Ballyhoo and shows reader engagement.  Pulling out puzzles, gags, and, likely, pictures of girls was very common   :)

Fun stuff, thanks for the scan and for sharing here Darwin.
Members will be happy to hear two more were just scanned by you and edited by DaveH.  Both will be showing up here very soon.


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