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paw broon:
Despite being a continent and ocean apart, Richard and I got to know each other quite well on-line. Richard's fascination with more obscure superheroes and Masked Mystery Men and Women, was a fascination we shared. His thirst for knowledge made me feel lazy and his research into the history of European, and especially Italian, MMM yielded lots of new information and comics.
Very sad news, and his passing leaves a big gap in our lives.

Here is a link to Richard and Darrin's 'Good Guys and Gals of the Goldenage' site with all 22 issues.
Shared by Darrin in Richard's memory.  The site was a labour of love for both of them.


Hi Gang,
I thought perhaps it was time to create a new topic just for those that were a big part of comics fandom but not a good fit in the 'Professional Obituaries' topic.


We learn of the sad passing of Mike Voiles, the curator behind one of the essential databases for comics fans and historians - “Mike’s Amazing World of Comics.”   I've read it started in 1997 and he averaged 40-50 hours a week working on it for 20+ years.  Incredible.

We never had any direct contact with Mike but were big fans of 'Amazing'.  His site along with the Grand Comics Database, were the go-to sites for the serious collectors.  We used his site all the time for reference.

It looks like he might have also gotten into podcasting a few years back if it's the same Mike.

Thankfully Mike made arrangements for his wonderful site to live on after him.  For those that haven't seen it, the 'newsstand' feature is a extra nice way to see what was on the stands for any particular month.

Here's the post on his passing on his site:

Our condolences go out to his family.

Other mentions on Mike's passing:

Roger Hill (10.14.1948 - 12.06.2023)
Famed EC collector, comics historian, author, publisher, Roger passed after battling cancer at age 75.
Roger wrote books on Reed Crandall, Mac Raboy and Matt Fox as well as producing 5 issues of his EC Fan-Addict fanzine.

I was just reading his MacRaboy book this past week.

I've recently learned about the passing of Bob Beerbohm (June 17, 1952 - Mar. 27, 2024).

Bob was a long time dealer/collector in the Bay Area.  His Facebook posts often generated controversy.  One hopes his history notes and interviews are preserved in some way.



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