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I just heard that Bill Blackbeard, one of the greats in comic strip preservation, passed away last month.

Sad news.


 We do owe a hell of a debt to Blackbeard. I've got a copy of the Smithsonian Collection myself, and the local library has two text which he edited. This is frivilous, but I always assumed he was bearded, and I was suprised by the image that accompanied his photograph.

Don Marksten just passed away from info elsewhere.

Very, very sad news.
Thanks for letting us know Narf.


--- Quote from: narfstar on March 11, 2012, 04:33:13 PM ---Don Marksten just passed away from info elsewhere.

--- End quote ---

 Found this in my messages on Facebook, which I don't check often enough. It is from GiGi Dane, Don Markstein's widow: "Donald David Markstein, -- 1947 - 2012 comic book writer and www.toonopedia creator, died of respitory failure after a prolonged illness. His family can be contacted through" The message was dated March 11.

  Don's death is quite a loss to the comics community.


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