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How many comic books (physicial copies) in your collection?

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I am guessing over 10,000 give or take. I haven't counted them since about 1979 or so.

I'm not sure. Only a couple of thousand, I think. Ridiculously, mostly nineties stuff since that's when I started buying comics, with some late eighties and various other bits and pieces.

I think it was over 5000 the last time I counted.

I did start a list of comics, but that got lost in a computer crash and I didn't feel like redoing it, but there have been a bunch of Free Comic Book Days, Halloween Comic Fests, and at least one library sale where I got a big haul of mostly '90s, and a few '80s, and '00s comics that have probably bumped the number up a ways. So maybe somewhere around 7,500?

My oldest comic (also PD) is from 1960, which just missed the cut-off date for here, but a scan is up at CB+.

Of paper originals issued between 1939 and 1964 for the North American, I probably have between 3,000 and 4,000, and for Dutch and a few hundred Belgians(Flemish) probably about 2,500 to 3500, with much smaller amounts of Warner Bros, MGM and Walter Lantz Cartoon-based.  The European are mostly Disney from 1949-2010, mostly Dutch Disney, with several hundred Danish Disney, and few hundred German Disney, plus a few hundred other Dutch, Danish and German other Funny Animal comics.  I also have several hardbound book sets of the various long runs of cartoony comics from those same periods.  The digitals, in addition to covering all that I have on paper, also include roughly 7,000 - 8,000 cartoony Human-figured comedy titles (many originated as newspaper strips), plus American Funny Animal comics that weren't sold in Midwestern Canada when I was young, plus some Dutch and Belgian titles I couldn't afford to buy in addition to what I was buying (just because of sheer volume). Plus, I have several British newspaper strips in digital format (ranging from the 1950s through the 1970s).
The paper issues and hardbound books are split up between my homes in The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and USA(mostly by language of the books matching the country of storage.  So I can't gather them all together to toss them all up in the air and let them fall on my head! :D   I don't have the space to store them all in one place, in any case.  Same is true for my phonograph records and books in general.  All my walls in every domicile are covered with bookshelves.

I'll never have the energy, nor time left in my life to make a list of what I have (comics or records). 

Wow, I can imagine how your place looks Robb.
I own perhaps six long boxes.   :-\


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