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Hurray!! It's our THIRTEENTH ANNIVERSARY! (03.28.2023)

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Yoc: banner77-13th-anniversary-animated-FINAL.gifFamous Funnies: A Carnival of Comics - scanned by Titansfan, edit by Yoc.
Click HERE to read our Introduction to Famous Funnies: A Carnival of Comics.
Hi Gang!
Welcome to our Thirteenth Anniversary!

Three years into covid things are finally feeling a bit more normal out there.  Again, our condolences to anyone who suffered a loss due to covid or side-effects afterwards. 

New challenges have taken it's place such as killer inflation driving the prices of everything through the roof.  We hope people reading this are doing as well as possible and are enjoying all the work being done to bring you as many public domain comics as we can find.

This last year we gained 5070 new members and today sit with 95103 total!
We also added 559 new scans during the year and have 22444 total!

As you will notice, DCM has so very much to be thankful for. 'Let me count the ways...'  ;D

We had another good year of adding new and upgrading old scans for you all.  Our 12th anniversary last year debuted 29 new scans.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to our big day! 

Some of our longtime scanners continued to share their new scans over the year such as builderboy who tracked down more Ajax and Fiction House, always fun books.  Fett shared more missing Charlton books to add at random times.  They are always pleasant surprises when they arrive.  Freddyfly also surprised us with some hole filling scans for the collection.  As would Superscan and Pmack.  Thanks again to ALL of them!

In May 2022 we had a Quality Comics Spotlight.  Like our second  Fawcett Fridays during November 2021 we were able to focus on another publisher we've always felt deserved more love.  We managed to add 46 Quality book scans that May.  Special thanks to SRCA1941 (Eric), King Faraday and Dave Hayward for their hard work making the Quality month of May happen.

You might notice, SRCA1941 showing up a lot this message.  Eric was very active with the site suggesting ideas for spotlights as well as scanning many of the books featured in them.  Thanks Eric, you've been super supportive of the site since our first day.

Also in May we started sharing many more Spirit Sections.  These were via King Faraday and Dave Hayward from black and white sources.  I would call these placeholder scans.  It's nice to have them on the site but we hope to someday have colour scans of them down the road.  The b&w scans don't hold a candle to real colour scans.  If anyone out there has some PLEASE consider scanning them or letting us do them for you.

In June WL list admins had to reconfigure the Wanted Comics List.  Our thanks to A Nonny Moose and Movielover for all their work keeping the list current and easy to use!

On June 18, 2022, DCM staffer and resident scanner Brian House (aka Rangerhouse) hosted his SECOND Annual Comics And Toys Show at his event space 'Copper Whale Winery' in  Clyde, OH. 

Brian just recently had a THIRD show this past June 18, 2023.  Here are some pictures...

If you'd like to see some fun pics of Brian's cool set-up click on this Facebook link - message pictures/13th Anniversary/Comics and Toy Show 0.jpg message pictures/13th Anniversary/Comics and Toy Show 1.jpg message pictures/13th Anniversary/Comics and Toy Show 2.jpg message pictures/13th Anniversary/Comics and Toy Show 3.jpg message pictures/13th Anniversary/Comics and Toy Show 4.jpg message pictures/13th Anniversary/Comics and Toy Show 5.jpg
In June we had five issues of Planet Comics arrive from TF and Editor.  Fox's Murder Inc #15 finally showed up as well thanks to DCM staffer Dave Hayward.

In late June Gregg Whitmore and Jestone got us a few more new scans including several Black Cat comics.  Thanks very much guys!  This lead to...

September when we had our Harvey / Black Cat Spotlight!  Gregg Whitmore and SRCA1941 worked with us on a mini-spotlight that debuted 24 new scans.

Also early in September Titansfan made his eighth trip to the LOC and scanned another pile of fun books.  Soon new Fawcett and Harvey scans were showing up on DCM.  Even before his first trip but certainly since he started them TF has been by far the largest source of new and upgraded scans going live on site.  DCM and ALL comic fans owe TF a huge thank-you for all the work he's done over the years scanning and sharing so many books for us all!   ;D

Titansfan shared the last missing issue of Fawcett's Negro Romance #3!  This was a rare book we were very happy to see debut on September 4th.

In early November we had our second Quality Comics Spotlight, a 'Week of Quality'. featuring mostly Blackhawk books and some new scans from SRCA1941.  Other highlights were several collection hole fillers like Crack Comics #10+17 from Superscan and National Comics #12 and Military Comics #2 from Eric.

We had our third Fawcett Fridays Spotlight November 2022 through January 2023 featuring Nyoka, The Jungle Girl.  Titansfan and David Miles would share 55 new Nyoka scans!  SRCA1941 would again contribute to this spotlight with several new scans.

On Christmas, we had a special scan to debut donated by Michael T. Gilbert, Roger Hill and George Hagenauer.
Tops magazine #1 was a unique experiment published by Lev Gleason trying to appeal to a more adult audience of slick magazines.  It only lasted two issues and are very hard to find.  We're SUPER lucky to have Michael, George and Roger donating their scans to the site like this.  Please be sure to check it out and remember they've produced a high quality reprint collection (‘Tops: The Complete Collection of Charles Biro’s Visionary 1949 Comic Book Series’) with lots of extras if you'd like to learn more about the title and era.  Tops #2 debuts as part of our Anniversary event!

Christmas also brought us more Walt Kelly 'Peter Wheat' from his biggest fan and DCM staffer - OtherEric!  It's costing him a pretty penny but we are all lucky he's determined to scan them all.

agentdynamo's made his first of several new scans starting in early December.  AD is a Better Comics fan who has been filling missing pages and adding all new scans.  Welcome to the fold AD.  :)

+++ message pictures/13th Anniversary/Lou Mougin.jpg  Lou Mougin (Darkmark) - 11.27.1954 to 12.31.2022
In early January we sadly learned of the passing of long time DCM member Darkmark on Facebook.  Lou Mougin supported us from the first days of GAC and on to DCM.  He had an impressive resume as a comics historian and writer.  He might be best known on DCM for the many fiche scans he uploaded which was a double edged sword for him.  They fill many, many holes on the site and have been a great benefit for the owners and scanners of incomplete books but they're almost all frustratingly unreadable.  We aren't sure of their origin but they only represent a fraction of the work Lou did in our hobby.  If you'd like to read more about Lou and his professional work in comics you should read his CBR obituary HERE.  Lou was passionate about learning and keeping comics history alive.  He will be missed.  Our forum post on Lou's passing can be seen HERE.

In early February we had a fun surprise from SRCA1941 again.  This time it was a missing issue of Boody Rogers' big-foot fun book - Babe 005 in a sharp 400 dpi scan you can see here.

February 20, 2023 - we created a new Giveaways and Promotional Comics section to house our ever growing giveaway books.  This cleaned up our Misc. Fun section and prepares us for a future Giveaways Spotlight later this year!

New Comic donors to our cause: Dave Dustin, paw broon.

New scanners to the site: agentdynamo, Arten, blast from the past, RETRO COMIC REPRINTS, tronvillain, Willie Williams

New collections to the site: Jimmy Swinnerton's Canyon Kiddies (1922) from rmdavidson.

I like to include a reminder about our WANTED COMICS LIST  maintained by Movielover and A Nonny Moose.  To anyone out there with a collection of Golden Age Comics, please give the list a look.  You might have something we are missing or could use an upgrade for on the site.  Please consider scanning or letting a trusted staffer scan your books for you.  You can use the CONTACT US link if you want to contact us about the idea or if you have a question.  We would love to work with you on something for the site!
Every year we can't stress enough how blessed we have been for our amazingly generous Financial Donors that deserve all our gratitude.  We wouldn't be here sharing all these scans if it weren't for financial donations that pay our server bill each month.  Thanks so much guys!

To all our Comics donors, scanners and editors - thank-you all for everything you do to make DCM the wonderful site it has become.

Now go check our Thirteenth Anniversary Gift Books listed below!!
There's several new goodies to enjoy, have fun!  :D :)


Anniversary Gifts!

We have to thank ALL our scanners out there for their support over the years.  Today we want to especially thank the following for letting us debut their scans as part of our 13th anniversary celebration...

Builderboy -  Jungle Comics 004 (1940)
the coot - Fast Fiction 004 [The 39 Steps] (1950)
Gregg Whitmore - Pocket Comics 04 (1942)
Jetstone - Sports Thrills #14+15 [1950]
Michael T. Gilbert, Roger Hill and George Hagenauer - Tops 01 + 02 (1949)
Paw Broon and Dave H - Liberty Comics 12 (1946)
Rangerhouse - Fight Against Crime 14 (1953)
SRCA1941 - Blue_Beetle_06 (1941)
Crime_Fighting_Detective_17 (1951)
Exciting_Comics_36 (1944)
Robin_Hoods_Western_Tales_01 (1956)
Titansfan - Mazie 17 (Harvey)(1955)
Famous Funnies - A Carnival of Comics (1933)
Gabby Hayes in the Accidental Sherlock (Fawcett-Quaker Oats)

And one more of note, from a name very big in the scanner circles for a while before he disappeared
ROLSTER - Boy Comics 005 [1942]
This old scan of his never made it up on the site until today.  We hope Rolster is doing Ok wherever he is these days.

Thanks again guys!   :D ;D :)


--- Quote from: Yoc on March 28, 2023, 02:43:27 PM ---(Lou).. might be best known on DCM for the many fiche scans he uploaded which was a double edged sword for him.  They fill many, many holes on the site and have been a great benefit for the owners and scanners of incomplete books but they're almost all frustratingly unreadable.  We aren't sure of their origin but they only represent a fraction of the work Lou did in our hobby.

--- End quote ---

I recall microfiche golden age comics being available in the 1980s from Microcolor International. They had complete runs on microfiche including DC, Timely and other sensitive copyrighted material. Another DCM member mentioned the same company recently. I am sure the colors and detail have deteriorated over the years. I have some 35mm film trailer clips that suffered a similar fate.

Hi AD,
Yep, I've taken a crack and some fiche edits back in the Rolser era.  It was pretty frustrating.
I'm glad they've since been replace by much better paper scans.  But even the worst of them still gives us valuable information on contents, etc.
So until a better scan shows up some day the fiche will remain.


Cheers, Yoc, Happy Birthday to the DCM.  Glad to see some old scanners still putting out new scans  ;D


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