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Milestone News!! The W.L. Evans School of Cartooning Now Available!

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The Ghost Man:
Greetings all, I'm here to post the best news of 2023!

If you are a student of traditional vintage art instruction this news will be of great importance. Thanks to author John Garvin, The entire lessons of the vintage correspondence school W.L. Evans School of Cartooning and Caricaturing is now available in print for the first time. Personally, I’ve scoured the internet in vain for over 7 years looking for this vintage Cartooning instruction course and I’m over the moon in finally discovering it. W.L. Evans taught hundreds of cartoonists from 1907 through the 1930s. Notable students include: E.C. Segar (Popeye), Chester Gould (Dick Tracy), Hank Ketcham (Denis the Menace), Lank Leonard (Mickey Finn), Ward Kimball (Disney animator), Norman Bel Geddes (Industrial designer), William Nolan (Animator) and the legendary Dean Cornwall (Illustrator).

I'm currently taking this course along with another fantastic vintage correspondence course The Landon School of Illustrating and Cartooning by Charles Landon and can personally attest to its legitimacy and excellent practical instruction.

You can purchase The W.L. Evans School of Cartooning and Caricaturing by W.L. Evans diligently compiled by John Garvin here:

You can purchase the The Landon School of Illustrating and Cartooning by Charles Landon here:

Best of fortunes to all,


Congrats on finally finding a holy grail like this for you GM!
It's always heartwarming to hear of good fortune for a good person.

The Ghost Man:
Cheers for that mate. I truly hope that others find it of as much value as I do. It was quite the hardy endeavour for the author/compiler John Garvin to put together. Just locating fully intact and printable quality sources of the original lessons for both books must have been expensive and arduous to say the least. It was inspiring to hear that E.C. Segar took the W.L. Evan's instruction lessons after each day's hard work at his regular job. He was quoted as saying that he studied and practised from the time he lit the oil lamp until 3 AM. Thoroughly amazing drive and inspiration to work harder as creators and innovators.

Fascinating stuff!
Thanks again GM, you've done yourself proud with all your work on the site!


I totally agree with Yoc!

As I think we said, in the 1970's, "Keep on keepin' on…"


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