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Banner Comics 005 (1942-01) (INC) (dsdaboss-DCP) [-2wraps, bc, ibc, dmg]

So, this is an upgrade of dsdaboss-DCP's original 2012 upload, with Heritage Auctions front and back covers.

I've included a crop of the raw HA front cover, from a grade 5.5 copy:


The back cover is from an ungraded GD/VG copy:


And then there's my attempt at an edit/restoration, which is based primarily on the graded copy, using the ungraded cover for reference on what was individual damage versus what was printed on both copies, as well as edge restoration (slightly more of the left and bottom sides are visible on the ungraded copy). I took additional references from a small image of what appears to be the original proof sheet on Whos Out There?, which shows even more of the edges:


Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions once the file goes up, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks TV.  It's now up.
I used the original listing to share your file.  It maintains the original's download count but doesn't have the thumbnails you added.

I hope your work might prompt any owners of the book out there to perhaps scan the missing pages so we can complete the book on the site.


Fair enough. It doesn't really need the screenshots—I just thought I'd throw the changes up there. What do you think of the edit?

Hi TV,
Your edit was quite good, thanks very much for all the work you put into this.

DCM staffer DaveH found the missing ifc scan and added it last night as well.


I added an alternate version of Lev Gleason's Adventures in Wonderland #1 (1955-04). Originally, I stumbled across a file named "Uncle Charlie's Fables 004 (1952) INC, no cover 34pg Peter Pester's Invention" by narfstar, but it obviously wasn't that given that it didn't match the existing scan of Uncle Charlie's Fables #4. I checked the other plausible issues and it turned out to be Adventures in Wonderland. So, I picked up an HA copy of the front cover and did some repairs and edits, took the inner front and inner back covers from the existing JVJon scan on DCM and resized and edited them to match, and did some repairs and edits to the back cover.

So, here we are. Of course, once I was done, I realized someone else had already figured out what the coverless copy was over on Comic Book Plus ages ago.



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