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Spirit Section 1942-10-11 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)


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Comic Name: Spirit Section 1942-10-11 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W) (45.58 MB)
Description: A King Faraday and Dave H scan.
A black and white scan with 1pg of colour found online.
We hope to someday present a full colour version of it here.
Uploaded by: Dave Hayward
Upload Date: 2023-01-11 16:35:48
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Comment made at: Spirit Section 1942-10-11 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
According to Cat Yronwode's index, this is Spirit Section #124. It would be helpful if the poster included that information in the file title. An updated(?) version of the index can be found here: https://www.angelfire.com/art/wildwood/checklist.html

Comment made at: Spirit Section 1942-10-11 [Baltimore Sun] (B&W)
Thanks lrek.  I had expected the GCD entry to include that as well but I don't see it there.


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