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Jimmy Swinnerton's Canyon Kiddies (1922)


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Comic Name: Jimmy Swinnerton's Canyon Kiddies (1922) (89.56 MB)
Description: Jimmy Swinnerton helped create the comic strip medium in the 1890's. His later strip "Little Jimmy" ran from 1904 to 1958. "Canyon Kiddies," which turned 100 years old in 2022, was part of a series of beautiful color pages he did for Good Housekeeping magazine.
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Upload Date: 2022-12-23 16:31:00
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Dyel Dimmestri:
Comment made at: Jimmy Swinnerton's Canyon Kiddies (1922)
James Swinnerton can also be considered a forerunner of the Furry style, with another of his works of great success, the daily strip "Mr. Jack", published in newspapers between 1903 and 1935.

Comment made at: Jimmy Swinnerton's Canyon Kiddies (1922)
Stunningly beautiful -- my eyeballs can barely believe how wonderful these full-color pages are...Thanks for sharing such a rare treasure!


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