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What a fantastic find, ive been collecting the artwork from this era of comics to scroll across my screen. due to my ocd once i download one i have to download the whole series lol. i only have about a dozen comics from this era as i grew up in 60s and 70s collecting Marvel. i have experience scanning about 30,000 photos from my personal photography  so i have some experience, also went through some high end scanners. so do i scan as jpeg then convert to cbz file? thanks in advance, i would like to obtain more of this era to share as this is a very worthwhile site preserving history in my mind. i do have 40s war magazines that i plan on scanning as well but imagine those would be shared on different site and are in great condition. Jim

Hi Jim,
Welcome to the site.  Glad you are enjoying the goodies here.
We have a searchable Wanted Comics List at this link -
You can check your collection against it.
But we always say even if your books ARE already on the site, there's not rule against more than once scan, especially if you copy were in better shape or the existing scan is incomplete or small as are many of our oldest scans.

If you do find something to scan yes, save your final jpgs into a zip file using sequential numbering with two digits.  We recommend final page sizes around 2000 px height saved at higher detail compression ratio resulting in scans in the 2-3mb range.  Once your scans are in the zip file you can upload it to DCM via the Upload File link -
We have a tutorial for how to do that at this link:

If you have any question feel free to check the FAQ -
Or ask me here.

Happy Christmas!



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