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Nyoka The Jungle Girl 049 [diff ver]


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Comic Name: Nyoka The Jungle Girl 049 [diff ver] (138.62 MB)
Description: Titansfan Scans
David Miles Edits
Part of the 'Fawcett Friday' flood November 2021.
Uploaded by: David Miles
Upload Date: 2022-12-02 14:41:29
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Comment made at: Nyoka The Jungle Girl 049 [diff ver]
I have always enjoyed titansfan scans they always look good color wise, and the res on these are amazing, hence the larger files.  I'm not particularly fond of the recent "miles" edits tho.. sorry, the stuff miles done in the past was excellent, but recently the blues and greens look way off and the reds are too dark and the over all color of the page gutters is way too orange-yellowish looking. Is there any way to make it more natural looking. What kind of condition are these in?  Brown pages... tan pages?  I know when you get into brown pages it becomes a pain to get the color just right.

Comment made at: Nyoka The Jungle Girl 049 [diff ver]
The scans look pretty good to me. I haven't seen the raws, but if I had to guess, it looks like just some contrast correction and left alone otherwise. The colors look pretty close to my raw scans of other Nyoka books. Here is a (compressed) raw spread from Nyoka #53 that Yoc edited for me last year. I think it's pretty comparable in terms of color. [ https://www.mediafire.com/view/pw53y88mi8kt68w/NJG53_10_11-sm.jpg/file ] My paper is lighter, but that's how my scanner came calibrated. Around the same time, I also scanned Nyoka #25. That issue had some very bad folding which required me to take it apart and scan page by page on my old scanner in order to get it flat. The physical books look very similar, but the scanner calibration made the scan of #25 much more yellow. [ https://www.mediafire.com/view/qf6ob9xs74etm5x/NJG25_17-sm.jpg/file ] There are a lot of factors that can go into how a finished scan looks, but I think titansfan and David both did excellent jobs.

Comment made at: Nyoka The Jungle Girl 049 [diff ver]
I see what you mean by the scanner calibration... I didn't think to take that into consideration.  I see the big difference in the two raw samples you provided.  That and the condition of the comic itself.  I have never tackled a book of this age, I'm still a noob lol, but have come across some dollar bin specials that the pages are pretty dark like your second sample, and almost 25 years younger.


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