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The Vintage Inkwell Academy's Third Anniversary!


The Ghost Man:

Greetings all,
        Just a quick celebratory note that tomorrow will mark the 3rd anniversary of the original launch of The Vintage Inkwell Academy from back on November 28th, 2019. I want to sincerely thank everyone who has supported this creative and educational endeavour. Your energy, belief and gracious support has been a wellspring to keep this enterprise growing. I honestly can't believe three years have gone by and though my blog entries have stagnated, I continue adding to the huge free catalogue of art instructional books to the TVIA Library.

Cheers to all and enjoy the upcoming holidays creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

Happy 3rd!

Very cool!!  Congrats on the anniversary GM.
Time does fly.  I know how much work you've put into the site, there is no way anyone but you could have done so much for the topic.
Like DCM, you're preserving comics heritage, but form a different angle and doing a stellar job too.

The Ghost Man:
Thanks TheCosmicMoth!
Yoc, cheers for your very gracious and appreciative words. It really means a lot friend. I'm very proud of what TVIA grew into from its most humble of beginnings. I'm happy to have created a resource that exists like none other. If it ever manages to produce great artists of the calibre of a Reed Crandall or Lou Fine then it has done what it was established to do. I really endeavoured to create a fun, inviting, home-like atmosphere conducive to creativity, that paid tribute to the best of that vintage era of thrilling illustrated media.


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