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Fawcett Fridays #3 - featuring Nyoka -2022.11

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Sorry, not I.

Some issues of Nyoka on the Grand Comics Database ( indicate that the actors in the photo covers are Kay Aldridge and Clayton Moore, from the "Perils of Nyoka" serials. You might recognize the second name, who was a bit more famous in his role as the Lone Ranger.

Hi Gang,
Here is the last batch of Fawcett Friday books for this spotlight.  Many, many thanks to everyone involved!  Special thanks to Titansfan, David Miles and SRCA1941 to all their work preserving these comics for us.

Captain Marvel Jr. 118 [Fawcett 1953]-c2c  -srca1941.cbz
Fawcetts Funny Animals 016 [Fawcett 1944]-c2c  -srca1941.cbz
(this was the last unscanned issue safe for sharing on DCM!)
Marvel Family 081 [Fawcett 1953]-c2c  -srca1941.cbz
Whiz 012 [Fawcett 1941.01][RE-EDIT][paper+18fiche]-c2c  -Ranerhouse+Yoc-DarkMark.cbz
Whiz 048 [Fawcett 1944][paper]-c2c  -rca1941.cbz
(this one replaces an old fiche only scan!)

We hope everyone out there enjoyed the scans!


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