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Fawcett Fridays #3 - featuring Nyoka -2022.11

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Yoc: banner76-Fawcett Fridays 3 animation.gifNyoka, The Jungle Girl is featured in this banner.  To learn about what sources were used to create this banner Click Here.
Hi Gang,
I'm sure some of you must have noticed several new scans of 'Nyoka, Jungle Girl' going up on the site the last month or so.
These are all thanks to Titansfan and David Miles.  All of their uploads are big upgrades on the older scans that have been on DCM for years.
The guys will be doing FIFTY-FIVE new scans over the next little while!  DCM felt it deserved it's own banner to mark the occasion.  TF and DM have agreed to debut their new Nyoka scans on Fridays so we could do another instalment of Fawcett Fridays!

Again, a very big thank-you to Titansfan and David Miles for all their work on these.

And thanks again to SRCA1941 (Eric S.) who has been amazingly generous with DCM this past year will also be sharing even more Fawcett books from his impressive collection.

Meanwhile, if you aren't familiar with Nyoka, she first appeared in a Republic Pictures serial 'Jungle Girl' in 1941 and then a sequel 'Perils of Nyoka' (1942), considered by many as one of the best of the jungle serials.  From this it was adapted into a Fawcett one-shot comic 'Jungle Girl' in 1942.  After appearing in several issues of 'Master Comics' she was given her own title in 1945.  (Republic Pictures would adapt Captain Marvel (1941), and Spy Smasher (1942) as serials.) 
You can read Jungle Girl #1 on DCM at this link -

Fawcett's 'Nyoka' title continued for 77 issues and are on DCM at this link -  Her appearances in 'Master Comics' from #50 to 132 are found here - .  Be sure to give Nyoka #46 a look - it has a surreal adventure right out of 'Gulliver's Travels'.

When Fawcett left the comics field after their decades long court battle with DC (click here to learn more about how DC vs Fawcett went) they sold off several titles to Charlton Comics including our jungle heroine.  Nyoka first appeared there in Zoo Funnies v2 #8 (Oct-Nov 1954) for six issues (all on DCM) before she got her own title again at Charlton one year later. (See here for those issues)  Charlton's title would last nine issues through 1957.  She was in 175 books between Fawcett and Charlton!  More appearances than several other better known Jungle Queens of the goldlen-age!

What made her popular enough to last from 1938 until well into the 90s?  See the CCI: Comic Character Investigation link below that digs into just that question...

Here are some links to get you up to speed -

Nyoka write-up from 'le magazine des cultures comics' - CCI: Comic Character Investigation #27 (2012) by James Parducci:

The Republic serial along with a side bar of facts and intro by David Bruce can be seen on these following links:

And if you are interested in what other serials Republic Pictures did you can read about them on this IMDB link -

Enjoy the scans everyone!

And for those that are curious about the artwork sources used to create this latest banner...

In order of banner frames:
1+2. Capt. Marvel close-up on right from Capt. Marvel Adventures #10 (1942.05.01)
3-5. Smiling Nyoka from Nyoka, Jungle Girl #62 (1951.12)
6-10. Nyoka with gun from Nyoka, Jungle Girl #52 (1951.02)
11-22+31. Max and the Black Cat (Mr Mittens) images are from Humphrey Comics #18 (Harvey 1951.08)
23. Black panther on DCM logo is from Nyoka, Jungle Girl #12 (1947.10)
27+28. Bulletman and Girl are from Bulletman #2 (1941.Fall)
29+30. Capt. Marvel Jr. is from Jungle Girl #1 (1942)

And new today as part of this third Fawcett Fridays...

Captain Marvel Adventures 020 [Fawcett 1942]-c2c  -srca1941.cbz
Nyoka the Jungle Girl #34 [1949.08]-c2c  -Titansfan+DMiles.cbz
Nyoka the Jungle Girl #35 [1949.09]-c2c  -Titansfan+DMiles.cbz
Nyoka the Jungle Girl #36 [1949.10]-c2c  -Titansfan+DMiles.cbz

Thanks for sharing guys!
:) :D

darkmark (RIP):
i wrote a Nyoka story for AC.

Very cool DM!


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