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Supermouse 041 (diff ver)


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Comic Name: Supermouse 041 (diff ver) (57.06 MB)
Description: a Titansfan scan,
edit by DMiles.
Uploaded by: DMiles
Upload Date: 2022-09-20 15:17:08
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Comment made at: Supermouse 041 (diff ver)
It's a shame that most of these edits are so uniformly orange, because it just means that someone, somewhere down the road, will just have to rescan them. What a waste.

Comment made at: Supermouse 041 (diff ver)
It's a wonderful scan and edit as always by titansfan and DMiles, and not really orange.  I usually keep very silent, but I want to give a long overdue thanks to titansfan and DMiles for the very many great uploads of their work both together and individually on all the other issues they have posted.

Comment made at: Supermouse 041 (diff ver)
I always appreciate and recognize the great scans from DMiles, I did not see an orange hue. Much like film grain needs to remain in old films, comics need to have a slight yellow to the page which maintains the original appearance.


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