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Frisky Fables 042 (inc)


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Comic Name: Frisky Fables 042 (inc) (139.07 MB)
Description: Frisky Fables 042 [Star1950.06-07](inc)-Jetstone
Comic was damaged and missing two leafs - four pages between pg16 and 20.
Three fills added from a reprint of the book in Frisky Animals #52 (1952.12).
1 ad page remains missing from pg19.
Pages 23+24 were damaged and repaired using the same pages from Frisky Animals #52.
You can read a scan of Frisky Animals #52 at the mirror link above.
Uploaded by: Jetstone
Upload Date: 2022-06-13 15:16:13
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Comment made at: Frisky Fables 042 (inc)
A copy of FF42 is on eBay right now [https://www.ebay.com/itm/225011462882?hash=item3463ba72e2:g:qUsAAOSwsxNhTr25] in which one of the photos show a partial piece of the missing Double Bubble ad page (turtle races). I looked though what little I had for Star Comics from Jun-Jul 1950 but no luck. Maybe someone else can turn it up?

Comment made at: Frisky Fables 042 (inc)
Thanks for pointing out the eBay ad lrek.
Fingers crossed the missing page shows up one day.

Comment made at: Frisky Fables 042 (now c2c) -upgrade
Ah, well done, whoever.


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