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D-Day stories on DCM (June 6th)



Hi Gang,
Today marks a big day in world history, D-Day, the invasion by the allies into Europe on the beaches of Normandy, France.

There are a few books on DCM with stories about this momentous day.  There might well be more than I didn't find, if anyone knows of more please share a DCM link here to the stories.  Sadly several D-Day stories were published after 1959 which we don't share or were made in books that are not in the public domain.

The stories I could find are at the following links:

Men Against Odds - Operation: Peril #11 (June-July 1952):

D-Day With the 82 Airborne - Battlefield Action #16 (November 1957):

D-Day theme for the complete issue - Battlefield Action #18 (March 1958):

The 'PT' Destroyer (text story) - Heroic Comics #31 (July 1945):

D-Day Secret -  True Comics #43 (Spring 1945)

Wrong Stop -  True Comics #46 (Winter 1945)

D-Day Demons - It Really Happened #4 (1944):

[D-Day Invasion] - Mask Comics #2 (April-May 1945):

Stay well everyone,

professor echo:
Many thanks for doing the legwork and researching this information. D-Day and its importance to the world seems to be fading away sometimes, so it's nice that sites like this and people like you still honor it.

I'm one of those readers who always enjoy supplementing historically significant dates by checking out popular cultural reflections of them, so your post is most appreciated. I'm also inspired at times to seasonally pair off reading/watching/listening material that somehow relates to such varying things as weather and holidays, etc. If nothing else, it always give me a kick to get to some of the TBR pile and that's a good thing, no matter the inspiration.

Hi Prof,
Thanks for sharing.  That's a fun idea for syncing up your entertainment by historical dates like you mention.

Stay well,


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