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Quality Comics Spotlight in May 2022


Hi Gang,
We're doing another small spotlight for this month.  Each weekend a few scans will be going live.

Super nice guy and long time friend of DCM, scanner Eric (SRCA1941) has several Quality books to share with us.
Mystery man 'Editor' has also gotten us a couple as well.
King Faraday and Dave Hayward have found a source for many Spirit Sections which we will be sharing Every Day of the month... and then some more after that!  Thanks very much guys!

I'm going to go through my own raw scans and see if I can do any upgrades.


Our first Quality Comics Spotlight weekend debuts...

Crack Comics 017 (Quality)(Oct 1941)(c2c, 6 pgs part fiche)(editor).cbz
Military Comics 002 [Quality 1941.09]-c2c__srca1941+Pmack fills.cbz
Kid Eternity 006 [Quality 1947]-c2c__srca1941.cbz
Spirit_Section_051_Phil Rec_1941-05-18__c2c__srca1941.cbz

Thanks again guys!


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