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After a while being absent from the site, I was recently reminded of the DCM and came back for a visit. I really love the preservation that's going on here, and what a great resource it is for someone interested in comics history. In February and March I was traveling and picked up a few older comics, so for a split second I thought I might have something I could scan and contribute, but after checking, it's an unfortunate no--all post-1959.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips on finding PD comics? (I suppose if they did there would be a lot fewer titles on the "wanted" list but I still wanted to see if anyone had any advice)

I feel like when I look at comic book shops or used book stores I've been really lucky to find anything back to the late 60s. More commonly I find 80s comics; there's often tons of Dark Age 90s stuff, and it's hard to find comic shops where the newest stuff isn't being sold.

Where do I go? Do I just start trying to find local yard sales? Putting out classified ads looking for local hoarders? Would libraries have any resources for me? Abandoned publishing houses (preferably haunted; bring the scooby snacks)????


bookshops of any kind today are wise to $-value of golden age comics & would price them accordingly. Same goes for yard sales, estate sales, etc.

I had some luck at a porn shop back in the '60s, nabbing several GA comics for a few $$, now worth $x100. Chances of finding a similar scenario today are same as finding a gold nugget in the street.

You might have better luck as a commercial basement-attic clearing service, or by rummaging in old abandoned houses. I found one such house in the '70s ... no comics, but several '40s mags.

Good Luck!

Thanks for trying to help fill holes in the collection animatrix!
I haven't been inside a comics shop but recall the back issues selection had mostly been replaced by games, models and Japanese items.  TPBs and graphic novels have grown popular and there hasn't been a better time for finding reprints of comic and comic strips.
At the same time GA comics have dramatically gone up in value.  Finding something cheap will need luck and expect it to be very beat up or missing pages.  Both are perfect for our needs though as well can fix a LOT of problems in the editing process.

I'd suggest bookmarking the Wanted List link on your phone and keeping an eye open anytime you do find yourself around some comics.  At a shop or perhaps online or a convention.  It seems like most people are now selling their GA books online with sites like Heritage and eBay.  I don't use them myself so I can't speak about them.

There's the whole CGC coffin angle that I truly, utterly HATE that has taken over the hobby.  The bane of DCM and our efforts to try and preserve these old books as digital scans for READING!  To those out there buying books and cracking open those plastic tombs - Bless You!

Good luck in your search animatrix1490, if you do get lucky and find something please feel free to reach out to us here if you need any help with scanning and editing.

Stay well,


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