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Huzzah, it's our 12th Anniversary! (03.28.2022)

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Yoc: banner73-12th-anniversary-final.gifThe Fraim Brothers commission used for this banner is generously provided by long time DCM member Roy Johnson.

If you are curious who the heroes are in the banner you can go here to find out.

Roy has been busy creating and publishing his alternate history STANDARD COMICS project for years now.  Well worth a look!To read more on Roy's many other commissions click on this topic.
And check out his collection at

Hi Gang!
It's our Twelfth Anniversary!

We started the past year still suffering through the Covid-19 pandemic and all the terror that included.  Our condolences to anyone who suffered a loss.  Thank goodness several vaccines were created and today, hopefully, everyone reading this message have been fully vaccinated and life is feeling a bit more normal.  A new 'normal' I guess.

Here on DCM we continued our mission of sharing all the public domain comics we can find for free. 

This last year we gained 4306 new members and today sit with 91120 total!
We also added 786 new scans during the year and have 21976 total scans.

New Comic donors to our cause: AtomicSteve, Keith Hammond, psattler67, Stephen Lipson
New scanners/editors to the site: the coot, Brian Muehl, netuse00001, CmxDC, Golden1, Gregg Whitmore

Here are some highlights from last year:
We managed to add some pretty impressive books this year.  Our anniversary last year included the debut of the DCM Spacehawk Collection with many new edits and an introduction by SteveD.  On the same day we debuted new higher resolution re-edits of several comics which featured the Spacehawk stories.

Rangerhouse shared some nice books with us including new Catman Comics.  Builder Boy highlights included Fantastic Comics #1 and 15.  Hufflepuffle and srca1941 added more Blue Beetle as well.

Freddyfly continued his work on upgrading his oldest scans for everyone.  Thanks for all your work Len!

3Face also returned with scans from his Canadian Whites collection.  We rarely get those so it was a nice surprise when he offered them.  Face also did some work on old GM scans for us.

In March we expanded our Misc Fun section adding a new 'Adult humour digests' sub-folder which ComicsCastle has busily filled with scans from his impressive collection.  This new Adult humour section has become our fastest growing part of the collection thanks to all the work of CC!

In April we also added 'Politics (non govt giveaways)' and 'Platinum Age misc' sub-folders to Misc Fun.  Those books printed before the mid 1930s that might be anything at all as long as it contains a majority of illustrations.  CB+ regular Lyons has shared some fun platinum scans with us there.  Our Political giveaways collection is also expanding.  Thanks to ComicsWanderer and TeddyK for their help with finding them.

In May and June, SRCA1941 was busy doing some high resolution rescans of his Jackpot Comics #1 (MLJ) and Blazing Comics #4 (Rural Home) featuring comics first (likely) Asian hero, The Turtle!  SRCA1941 also filled a hole with his all new scan of America's Best Comics #4 (Standard).  As you'll see SRCA1941 was quite busy this last year.  Thanks Eric!  :)

Perhaps the best news last year -Titansfan was able to continue his LOC work again last June,!  TF had another super successful trip and we're always very thankful for his hard work there.  A week later, new scanner CmxDC sent us a nice variety of 57 public domain books but the highlight was his high-res scan of ME's Ghost Rider #1!  Between them we managed to debut or upgrade many books on the site.  Thanks guys!

In early July, Stephen Lipson shared a fun, rhyming VD giveaway with the site.  Warning about the pitfalls of a 'Sidewalk Romance' (VD) in 1950.

July, also saw a Fawcett hole filled by the new scanner Golden1 how shared a scan of All-Hero Comics #1. 

On August 8th, DCM staffer and resident scanner Rangerhouse held his 1st Annual Comic & Toy Show at his own Copper Whale Winery/Vineyard/event space in Clyde, OH.  Here are some pics from the day.  And if you are on Facebook check out his latest news here -

Here are some pictures of the event! message pictures/13th Anniversary/RH's Comic and Toy Show 2021.08.jpg message pictures/13th Anniversary/RH's Show 00.jpg message pictures/13th Anniversary/RH's Show 01.jpg message pictures/13th Anniversary/RH's Show 02.jpg message pictures/13th Anniversary/RH's Show 03.jpg message pictures/13th Anniversary/RH's Show 04.jpg
Later in August teto7totoro shared scans of a very old psattler67 book - Mutt & Jeff #9 (1924)

Long time member FETT shared more of his Charlton collection with us filling several holes over the year.  Titles included were - 'I Love You' and 'Romantic Story.'  Fett also shared several scans from his Stanley Morse collection.

In October we had our delayed FTP Access Month.  Logistics and lowered returns might mean it was our last one.  Thanks again to our loyal donors out there for helping with our monthly overhead!

Also in October we were trusted with several western books to scan from Keith Hammond via Facebook.  These filled a couple holes and upgraded some other books.  Brian Muehl scanned some of Keith's books.

We had our second Fawcett Fridays in November 2021 with several new scans from SRCA1941 and  Keith Hammond.  I shared a few higher resolution rescans as well.

For Christmas 2021 DCM staffer OtherEric shared two new Walt Kelly 'Peter Wheat' giveaways.  Anytime we can see new Kelly is a great day!

Jetstone showed up again in January 2022 with a handful of new digital picture scans from his collection.

We also got another Samson (Fox) issue from BuilderBoy who has a special affection for the publisher.  We hope to see more in the future.

We updated our Wanted Comics List banner in January to try and find new sources for missing books among the golden-age comic collectors out there.  Which leads to below...

A reminder about our WANTED COMICS LIST  maintained by DCM members Movielover and A Nonny Moose.  To anyone out there with a collection of Golden Age Comics, please give the list a look.  You might have something we are missing or could use an upgrade for on the site.  Please consider scanning or letting a trusted staffer scan your books for you.  You can use the CONTACT US link if you want to contact us about the idea or if you have a question.  We would love to work with you on something for the site!

Earlier this March we got a precode horror fill from all new scanner netuse00001.  A very nice surprise!

New archives this year came from Roygbiv666:
Strongman Archive (Holyoke),
Commander Steel Collection (Canadian White)

Every year we have to stress how blessed we have been for our amazingly generous Financial Donors that deserve all our gratitude.  We wouldn't be here sharing all these scans if it weren't for financial donations that pay our server bill each month.  A special thank-you to carnassial, Custer Beaton, Rocket Riley and kozmo who have been exceptionally generous with their donations to the site.  Thanks guys!

To all our Comics donors, scanners and editors - thank-you all for everything you do to make DCM the wonderful site it has become.

Here's to another great year,

Dave Hayward:
Congratulations on chalking up another very successful year, here's to many more to come.

Thanks Dave!
And thank-you for all your help with the forums here and your own edits.

Hi Gang,
Here's a list of all the new scans that went live today.  Our thanks to all the scanners and editors that contributed!

3D Funny Movies 001 (ComicsMedia1953)(c2c)(Pyramid).cbz
Animal Adventures 002 (Timor)(1954-02)(c2c)(titansfan).cbz
Abbott and Costello 3-D 001 (St John 1953)(c2c)(Pyramid).cbz
Blue_Beetle_04_[Fox_1940]-c2c  -srca1941.cbz
Dell 4 Color 011 (Smitty)(1936)(c2c)(Dell4c+Superscan).cbz
Funny Picture Stories v1 01 [Centaur 1936.11]-c2c  -Titansfan-Yoc.cbz
Gene Autry Comics 01 (c2c)(Fawcett 1941)(K Hammond-Rangerhouse).cbz
Gibson New Cartoons 1916 -lyons.cbz
Master Comics 037 [Fawcett 1943.04.07][fiche cf] -Titansfan-Yoc.cbz
Mutt and Jeff Cartoons Book 06 (C&L-1919).cbz
Planet Comics 001 (Fiction House)(Jan 1940)(titansfan+editor).cbz
Planet Comics 064 (Fiction House)(Spring 1950)(Titansfan-DMiles).cbz
Planet Comics 073 (Fiction House)(Winter 1953)(Titansfan-DMiles) .cbz
Special Edition Comics 01 [Fawcett1940]-c2c  -Titansfan-Yoc.cbz
Startling Comics 18 [Standard 1942.12]-c2c -Rangerhouse-Yoc.cbz
Supermouse 004 (Standard)(1949-08) -CmxDC+CW-TF fills.cbz
Supermouse 012 (Standard)(1951-04) -CmxDC+CW-TF fills.cbz
Suspense Comics 03 [Continental Magazines 1944.11]-c2c  -BMinor-Yoc.cbz
The Gumps 04 (Lafayette Street)(1947-09)(c2c)(titansfan).cbz
The Gumps 05 (Lafayette Street)(1947-11)(c2c)(titansfan).cbz
Tim McCoy Police Car 17 (nn)(c2c)(1934)(Western)(QuietRiot)(fixed).cbz


More books for the 12 Anniversary celebration.

These are all from BUILDERBOY, a long time member and scanner.

Strange 002 [Ajax1952]c2c -BBoy.cbz
US Fighting Air Force 002 [Superior1952]-c2c  -BBoy.cbz
US Fighting Air Force 009 [Superior1954]-c2c  -BBoy.cbz



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