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Your choice: Public Domain Justice Society


Hi All,

I hope you're having an amazing day!! I have been enjoying the Vance Capley videos on youtube, where he puts together a generic/public domain version of a popular superhero team from a specific line-up (Avengers, Justice League, Fantastic Four, etc). So, let's all share what our Public Domain version of the Justice Society of America would be. It'll be fun. Naming your unique line-up can be considered optional.

For good measure, let's use the line-up from All-Star Comics #3 (still under copyright), and I shall go first to set the example:

Superman - Master Man (Master Comics)
Wonder Woman  - Amazona the Mighty Woman (Fiction House)
Batman - The Owl (Dell)
The Flash - Silver Streak (Lev Gleason)
Green Lantern - Diamon Jack (Fawcett)
The Spectre - The Duke of Darkness (Holyoke /Gerona)
Hawkman - Airman (Centaur)
Dr. Fate - Dr. Mystic (Centaur)
Hour Man - No Idea
Sandman - No Idea
The Atom - No Idea
Johnny Thunder - Craig Carter (Centaur)

What's yours?

Superman - Wonder Man ( Eisner / Fox)
Wonder Woman  - Fantomah ( Fletcher Hanks)
Batman - The Grim Reaper ( Nedor)
The Flash - Silver Streak (Lev Gleason)
Green Lantern - The Blue Flame
The Spectre -  The Green Ghost (Nedor)
Hawkman - Airman (Centaur)
Dr. Fate - Stardust
Hour Man - StrongMan or Doc Strange (Nedor)
Sandman - Dr Vampire
The Atom - Fly Man
Johnny Thunder - Craig Carter (Centaur)


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