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Searching for "I Love You" comic books published by CHARLTON Comic Books, got THIS message:
"Each word must be at least *two characters* long"
The *I* in the title makes your Search inoperative.
Many ROMANCE Comics titles start with *I*.
Your Search makes finding them impossible.
Since you don't seem to know, "I Love You" is a VERY WELL-KNOWN Golden Age classic Romance title. It has its own Wikipedia page.

Matthew Davidson

Hi Matt,
Sorry you aren't happy with the site.
I can tell you that if you'd tried searching for "Love You Charlton" you would have indeed found the very well known Charlton 'I Love You' comics.

Enjoy your free scans.

I don't work for the site, but it's very common for search functions to ignore or eliminate search strings of data when they are very small.
It taxes the server excessively to search for a common one letter word. People with bad intentions could flood the site searches of this type and cause the site to crash.
As Yoc has stated, using less words will find the title you want.
It will also return the results faster.
The engineering software at my work gives a warning if a search is less than 5 characters long and it's the same software that is used by SpaceX to design rockets.
It is always better to use as few search words as necessary to find the title you want. Leaving off common words like "The", "A", or "I" is a good practice.


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