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The Grand Opening of The Vintage Inkwell Academy 2.0!

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Thanks GM.
Yep, it's something on my end.  Nothing for you to worry about.  I'll just use Brave to look at things.

The site look Super Nice!  Very professional.

Great site! Sending a link to a few friends.
Thanks for sharing info like this.

The Ghost Man:
Thank you kindly BAY57GOLDENAGE.



The Ghost Man:
Just a note to all that I have decommissioned and deleted the old, original TVIA to finalise the full carry over to the new TVIA at

Cheers for everyone's support.

Hi GM,
Congratulations for turning your initial idea into such a great resource.  It's so much better than we could have ever done here when you first mentioned the idea oh those many months ago.

Keep up the great work!


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