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The Grand Opening of The Vintage Inkwell Academy 2.0!

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The Ghost Man:
Thank you Yoc, your link has some very great and unique information I had not read before. I especially liked the parts discussing the original art paper qualities and how Mike Royer had to run an iron over the Kirby pencilled artwork first to prepare it for inking.

Apologies for the belated reply, been mad busy as of late and just completed an excellent collaboration with the producers of the Scottish origin periodical called Sequential. In the latest issue number eight, I was asked to write up an article about The Vintage Inkwell Academy that I was honoured to do. It came out very well if I may say so myself. The issue is now available here for any who may be interested:

Cheers for the valuable link friend,


Hi GM,
No worries on your reply.  Congrats on making an appearance in the very nicely done Sequential fanzine.
I'm looking forward to reading it.

Stay well,


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