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The Grand Opening of The Vintage Inkwell Academy 2.0!

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The Ghost Man:

Greetings all,
The wait is finally over! I always keep my word and if it seems I'm posting the news early, it's to accommodate the time difference in Australia.

Welcome to the official announcement and grand opening of The Vintage Inkwell Academy 2.0!
The brand new site address is now located here:

A lot of time and work has gone into developing and building this all from scratch and I hope you all enjoy the results. My primary aim was to ensure that visitors receive an optimal and entertaining experience whilst visiting. Thoughtful planning and creative design went into upgrading the visual, informational and instructive resource aspects of the site.

All of the blog posts have been newly edited and revamped, with new content added, so make sure to check them all out. With a new professional look and feel and a packed to the rafters Library, stay tuned for even more great things to come.

For now, I'll be taking some much needed holiday and then returning to my long deferred drawing and illustration studies.

If you're keen on the site and find it of merit, please share it with friends, family, associates or whomever might find it of interest. Sincere thanks to all the TVIA supporters and their patience during the site's renovation.


- The Ghost Man

Congrats GM!!
It's looking Very Snazzy in deed!

A quick first look and I notice all the images in the 'EXPRESSA DECO NOIR THEATRE' section are very blurry on my laptop.

Contrats again on your very big job here, huzzah! 

The Ghost Man:
Thank you sincerely Yoc. The videos hosted within the Expressa Deco Noir Theatre are not supposed to appear like that. I know that in testing the site in 6 different devices and the major web browsers, only Internet Explorer was a problem and older versions of Safari. Internet Explorer is slated for decommission by Microsoft at the year's end, so anyone using it is strongly advised to move to Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome or the ever-terrific Brave. TVIA is built on Web design 3.0 protocols and the latest web development technology and I chose it especially for its future-proof capabilities.

I'm sorry your first experience was not as optimal as desired, may I ask what browser and version you were using? Also, can you try and purge the cache of that web bowser and try again? Your feedback is most important and I will do whatever I can within my limited technical expertise to address problems like this.

Gracious thanks for the visit and reply friend,


Hi GM,
Right, I should have mentioned that info.
It's blurry squares in the latest version of Firefox (90) here on my Win8.1 laptop.  Even after a cache dump.
BUT, it looks just fine and the video play on Brave version 1.26.74 (64-bit)

Good luck!

The Ghost Man:
Thanks Yoc, I just retested the site on a Windows 7 SP 1 laptop using Firefox 90.0.1 64-Bit and the Expressa Deco Noir Theatre videos thankfully looked and performed as expected. I'm not to sure what could be the specific issue going on with the rendering in Firefox on your side. I am glad Brave was able to display everything for you in all its intended glory.

If the cache purge did not resolve it in Firefox and you are running its latest version, then perhaps an errant plug-in may be interfering? Do you still have Adobe Flash installed on your Windows laptop? If so, it should be uninstalled completely as it has been decommissioned back at the end of last year. Vimeo, on which the videos are hosted, specifically states they no longer support Flash. They additionally state that Vimeo requires browsers that are able to decode H.264 videos in players with HTML5 functionality.

I'm not sure if this helps, but I'm hoping so. If it's able to display as intended on Brave, it appears there's something awry with Firefox on your PC. It also rules out anything system related, otherwise the blurry video previews would exhibit the same behaviour in Brave.

Best of fortunes to you,



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