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I was searching for a master list of comics on DCM, and I found this 2012 post:

--- Quote from: Yoc on December 17, 2012, 11:16:48 AM ---Hi CM, Currently there is only one way to get a 'master list' of all scans hosted on DCM and it's a function that generates an EXCEL spreadsheet CSV file. Here is the link -
Note there will be several that appear to be broken links but actually just lead to the real download page such as some entries in the Archives and IW sections. Hope that can help.

--- End quote ---

When I updated the link to https...

... it worked, but the results are odd. Instead of:

* Publisher, Series, Comic, Description
...the data seems to be:...

* Series, Comic, Comic, Description, Description
...with the publisher never appearing, and the later columns each repeated twice. Am I doing something wrong or looking in the wrong place? If this is broken, any chance it could be fixed?

Many thanks!

To give a specific example, I expected a row like this:

Fox Feature Syndicate
Blue Beetle, The
Blue Beetle 041
Blue_Beetle_#41 [Mar-Apr'46][Fox]-52pg-c2c

...but instead I found a row like this:

Blue Beetle, The
Blue Beetle 041
Blue Beetle 041
Blue_Beetle_#41 [Mar-Apr'46][Fox]-52pg-c2c
Blue_Beetle_#41 [Mar-Apr'46][Fox]-52pg-c2c

Captain DJ:

Thanks for pointing this out. I will look at re-creating the script so it actually works. Keep an eye on this thread or turn notifications on and once it has been updated I will reply back.


Captain DJ:
The script has been updated and is now working better.

Thanks Capt!


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