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A Visual History of the DCM Banners

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Good times and sad times...
2018.07 to 2020.12.04 banner55-USA-Archive-Animated.gif2018.07.04 - USA, Spirit of Old Glory: The Final Phabox Archive introduction banner57-Western-new-animated.gif2018.11.16 - Western showdown banner banner58-Hembeck5 -animated.gif2019.03.28 - Our Ninth Anniversary event banner59-Geo-animated.gif2019.04.06 - DCM Staffer Geo (RIP) memorial link banner60-Canada-Day-raptors.gif2019.07.01 - Congrats Toronto Raptors banner banner61-Tenth-Anniversary-animated.gif2020.03.28 - Our Tenth Anniversary event banner62-Mystery-Men.gif2020.05.03 - Mystery Men #1 banner banner63-FTP EXTENDED-MONTH.gif2020.05.04 - FTP Access Month extended banner banner64-vote-animated.gif2020.11.02 - Vote 2020 banner banner65-BMinor-Xmas-2020.gif2020.12.04 - Brian Minor's Christmas season banner


More Good times and sad.  JVJ passes away.
2021.03 to 2023.07.09 banner67-Wolverton-FINAL-animated.gif2021.03.28 - Our Eleventh Anniversary Spacehawk Collection eventFeaturing the debut of DCM's Spacehawk Collection! banner68-Fantastic 01.gif2021.06.01 - BuilderBoy's scan of Fantastic Comics #1 debuts banner72-Fawcett Fridays 2 animation.gif2021.11.01 - Our second Fawcett Fridays starts banner71 - Most Wanted WIDER ver.gif2021.01.XX - THE SEARCHABLE WANTED COMICS LIST (updated 01.2021)2021.01.XX - Wanted Comics Banner Covers - what are they? banner73-12th-anniversary-final.gif2022.03.28 - Our Twelfth Anniversary eventBanner art donation courtesy great friend to DCM - Roy Johnson! banner74-Black Cat-animated.gif2022.09.01 - Black Cat / Harvey Spotlight - September 2022Featuring the golden-age Black Cat! banner75-Quality Week animation short.gif2022.11.01 - Our Week of Quality!Featuring Blackhawk! banner76-Fawcett Fridays 3 animation.gif2022.11.18 - Nyoka / Fawcett Fridays #3!Featuring Nyoka, The Jungle Girl! banner77-13th-anniversary-animated-FINAL.gif2023.03.28 - Our Thirteenth Anniversary event!Featuring 'Famous Funnies: A Carnival of Comics (1933)' debut banner78 -RIP-JVJ-animated.gif2023.07.09 - Remembering JVJ memorial bannerJim Vadeboncoeur Jr. had a HUGE impact on DCM and the collecting community.  His goal of preserving comics for posterity will live on.


That's a LOT of banners   :o  - overload - I'll have to come back and peruse. Thank you, they're cool.

And here's our latest banners...
2023.08 to today banner79-Weird Comics1 ver 2-fixed.gif2023.08.19 - Presenting 'Special Comics #1' and 'Weird Comics #1'Generously donated for scanning by RJ Gustke banner80-Peter-Wheat-WED.gif2023.08.25 - Walt Kelly Birthday / Peter Wheat Wednesdays'Scanned and curated by DCM staffer OtherEric banner81-Ballyhoo animation.gif2023.12.01 - Presenting a 'Ballyhoo Magazine SpotlightWorking with friend and scanner DarwinationOwner of the very entertaining Dawination Scans blog. banner82-14th anniversary animated v3.gif2024.03.28 - Our Fourteenth Anniversary!Artwork generously donated by Darrin Wiltshire/Temporal Comics and Roy Johnson/Standard Comics

And that brings us up to today.  Extra special thanks to Roy Johnson who let us use so many of his art commissions are sources for banners!  Thanks as well to Erik Williams, Michael T. Gilbert, Drusilla lives! and Brian Minor for their banner contributions, you guys were great!

Stay tuned for additions as they appear.

Stay well everyone,

I've updated this topic with our latest anniversary banner!



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