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It's our ELEVENTH Anniversary today! (03.28.2021)

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Featured in our latest banner is the artwork of Basil Wolverton!  Basil rightly has a cult following for his very unique art style and his broad sense of humour.  Debuting today as part of our 11th anniversary is the DCM Complete Spacehawk Collection!  Planned for years we've finally be able to complete and share it today.  It comes in two parts with a new introduction by DCM member Steve D (who has his own Mystic Moot collection also on DCM) and 76 pages of re-edits made especially for the collection.  There's an 'Extras only' file with higher resolution pages for those that might want to read it easier.  We hope everyone will give it a look.

Hi Gang,
Welcome to our Eleventh Anniversary!

Here we are celebrating another year of free public domain comics.  It's been just over a full year of living with Covid-19 for everyone.  I sincerely hope members have survived as best as possible to this point and not lost anyone.  That you are surviving well enough to enjoy the scans DCM has been sharing for eleven years now.  I expect many of you out there have even managed to get your Covid vaccine shot.  The hope is perhaps a year from now life looks a lot more 'normal' but it sounds like there's going to be a new normal.

This last year we gained 4898 new members and today sit with 86431 total!
We also added 711 new scans during the year and have 21,371 total scans.

Here are some highlights from last year:

Conan the Librarian was very busy for us last year.  He's shared dozens of Better-Nedor humour titles.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the year was shared by Teto7totoro.  He managed to find and scan a copy of one of the earliest comics ever devoted to a single character.  Skippy's Own Book of Comics (1934) went up as a belated Christmas present.  I highly recommend readers grab it if you haven't seen it yet.  Here's the link.

Late in 2020 MrTimely was nice enough to let DCM Staffer Rangerhouse scan several books from his collection.  These included several Fox and some Yellowjacket Comics we were very happy to see arrive on the site.  If ANYONE out there owns some golden-age comics PLEASE check out our Wanted List.  You will see the link below.

As well as working with MrTimely, Rangerhouse bought several new books of his own.  Most were foreign and likely unsafe for DCM but he's also shared some nice books we could use including - Mystery Men Comics 01, Silver Streak Comics 001, Mystery Men Comics 025, Funny Pages v1 07 .

Longtime DCM member Builderboy also shared new scans from his ever growing Fox collection Fantastic Comics 003 and Fantastic Comics 009.

Former JVJ Scanner Soothsayr made a great return this past year sharing many new scans with the site.  We hear more might be on the radar.  Some will be going live today as part of our anniversary.  Thanks Sooth!

In February Fett surprised us again with another flood of books from out of nowhere.  This time it was Charlton's Lil Tomboy.  Thanks again Fett.

Another scanner that likes to surprise us with his shares is dsdaboss who sprung some new Centaur books on us back in January.  Centaur is another favourite of mine so that was very cool.  :)

Long time scanner and DCM member since the GAC days Freddyfly has been busy rescanning many of his earliest scans increasing the resolution on them.  srca1941 is also doing some rescans.  Thanks guys!

We must again thank Titansfan for his continued work on his LOC scans.  He hasn't been able to make any new scans this past year but had enough raw scans to still keep his gang of editors busy working.  Thanks again to TF and his editors for all the scans they've made preserving thousands of comics for digital prosperity.

We've been getting some Risqué humour books from ComicsCastle the last few months.  Enough that we'll be adding a new section just for these books in the near future.  They were aimed at an adult military audience originally so be aware.  They are much more suggestive than naughty.  Tame by most standards today.

CB+ regular Lyons has been sharing several Victoria and pre comics era collections the last year.  Many of those will be going up in their own section as well.  Stay tuned.

Jetstone is a new name to some.  Jet has designed his own digital camera stand to shoot books from his collection.  comicwanderer took note and built his own as well.  Both have examples of their work on the site.  Welcome to the fold Jet!

Another new scanner clarkwonderful uploaded a long needed paper scan of Fawcett's Marvel Family #4 which you can find here.


And a reminder about the WANTED COMICS LIST  maintained by DCM members Movielover and A Nonny Moose.  So anyone out there with a collection of Golden Age Comics, please give the list a look.  You might have something we are missing or could use an upgrade for on the site.  Please consider scanning or letting a trusted staffer scan your books for you.  You can use the CONTACT US link if you want to contact us about the idea or if you have a question.  We would love to work with you on something for the site!

New Comic donors to our cause:
DocDC, MrTimely, Tim Marshall

New scanners/editors this past year:
3Face, A.C.Barrett, clarkwonderful, g&g, harmsworth+josemas, John Lai, marko313, Robb_K, Saxon, Teachbug

Every year we have to stress how blessed we have been for our amazingly generous Financial Donors that deserve all our gratitude.  We wouldn't be here sharing all these scans if it weren't for financial donations that pay our server bill each month.  A special thank-you to tbdeinc, carnassial, Custer Beaton, kozmo, Rocket Riley, MarkEBacon and Sydney Urshan who have been exceptionally generous with their donations to the site.  Thanks guys!

To all our Comics donors, scanners and editors - thank-you all for everything you do to make DCM the wonderful site it has become.

So go check out the special temporary Eleventh Anniversary Gift Section now up here!

Here's to another great year, may we return to something normal again one day.

Here's a list of all the new scans that went live today.  Our thanks to all the scanners and editors that contributed.

50 Years In America 1952 giveaway (smaller) -narfstar.cbz
Adventures of Peter Wheat 05 (giveaway1948)-OtherEric.cbz
Amazing Man 024 [Centaur1940.09][re-edit] -GeoffreyTolle.cbz
Amazing Man 025 [Centaur1940.12][re-edit] -GeoffreyTolle.cbz
Amazing Mystery Funnies 23 [Centaur1940.08][re-edit][no ifc,ibc] -rangerhouse-Yoc.cbz
Animal Fair 010 [Fawcett1949.12]-c2c -Soothsayr-Yoc.cbz
Doll Man 03 [Quality1942.Summer] -Jetstone-HPfills.cbz
Heroic Comics 013 [Eastern1942.06]  -Rangerhouse+Yoc.cbz
Joe Palooka 048_Harvey_1950_srca1941.cbz
Kaanga Comics AU 002 (H. John Edwards) -Ernesto.cbz
Little Angel 14_Nedor_1958_srca1941.cbz
National Comics 058 [Quality1947.02] -Jetstone-Yoc-Weirdmenace fills.cbz
Popular Comics 038 [Dell.1939.04](DCM PD VERSION)[no Tarzan]  -soothsayr-Yoc.cbz
Prize Comics Western 078 [Prize1949.11-12]-c2c  -JVJ-RH+Yoc.cbz
Stories By Famous Authors 006 -Macbeth [Seaboard1950.08]-c2c -Tropicalfan+Yoc.cbz
Target Comics v01 05 [Novelty1940.06][re-edit][no ifc,ibc] -OtherEric+Yoc.cbz
Target Comics v01 06 [Novelty1940.07][re-edit][inc] -RH+Yoc.cbz
Target Comics v02 05 [Novelty1941.07] -srca1941-OtherEric-BillNolan.cbz
Target Comics v02 09 [Novelty1941.11] -srca1941.cbz
Target Comics v02 08 [no20][1941.10][300dpi]-SH and Target only -srca1941+Yoc.cbz
The Complete Spacehawk Collection -Extras Only (large version) -DCM+Yoc.cbz
The Complete Spacehawk Collection -part1 -DCM+Yoc.cbz
The Complete Spacehawk Collection -part2 -DCM+Yoc.cbz
Tomb of Terror 002 (Harvey1952.07)  -Jetstone+Darwination fills.cbz
Western Action Thrillers (Dell)(Apr 1937)(Soothsayr-DMiles).cbz
Wow Comics 006 [Fawcett.1942] -srca1941.cbz

And NINE issues of Tom Corbett, Space Cadet all from JETSTONE!

Great review! It's been over a decade of fun!

During the Covid Crisis I consider DCM to be a major Public Service for people stuck at home!

As a part of the 11th Anniversary Frolic I knew about the Spacehawk collection. But, the other Novelty uploads were a large, and very pleasant surprise. Not to mention all the other books in the flood…

Happy 11th, everybody!!!

Thanks guys!
It's a pleasure to work with members such as yourselves.

Stay healthy!


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