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Golden Age artists you’d like to know more about.

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Comic book artists active in and around the Golden Age that you’d like to familiarize yourself with more, either to potentially discover more interesting art that you previously didn’t know about, or out of curiosity in general. For me, one of those artists would have to be Dick Ryan, who drew various funny animal comics in the late 30s for companies like Centaur, and even drew for a newspaper comic called Animal Crackers at that time, but I don’t know much else about him or his other work.

Hi EM,
A great idea for a topic.  The one I'd like to know the most about is still Wonder Woman artist HG Peter.
And I understand Ken Quattro 'The Comics Detective' is working on just such a feature.  But I'm sure he's still busy with his 'Invisible Men' book on black artists of the golden age.

I recently watched a bio on Alex Toth that came as an extra with the Johnny Quest DVD set.  I learned a lot about him from it.


The Ghost Man:
For me I would have to say Lou Fine, he's my absolute favourite inspirational and aspirational illustrator outside of J.C. Leyendecker and Reed Crandall. There's such a dearth of expansive biographical information on Lou Fine out there and I'm always hoping that someone composes a book on his life as they've done with Joe Shuster, Reed Crandall and Jack Kirby recently. I just managed to secure a copy of the magazine AlterEgo issue 17 on eBay, and it had perhaps the most info I've seen so far.

Those who are Lou Fine fans and interested, can read a good portion of it here:

Victoriano Martin (1927-?):

Robert Globerman (1929-2016):

Joseph Edmund Peckover (1896-1982):

Rodney Thomson (1878-1941):

Robert Edgar Lamme (1917-1998):

Lachlan MacLachlan Field (1913-2004):

Harvey Kenneth Fuller (1918-2017):

Robert A. Boyajian (1922-2012):

Craig Joseph Fox (1895-1965):

Grieg Hovsep Chapian (1913-1996):

Stephen Bern Dahlman (1912-1958):

Kenneth Vernon Landau (1926-2012):

--- Quote from: Yoc on March 05, 2021, 01:49:24 PM ---Hi EM,
A great idea for a topic.  The one I'd like to know the most about is still Wonder Woman artist HG Peter.


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Rob Stolzer wrote a good article about him, which goes into his style and possible influences, including Nell Brinkley and Franklin Booth.

Favorite Maurice Del Bourgo art that I've seen (Clue Comics #11, December 1946): info about the artist himself from The Detroit Jewish News (September 03, 1954), including how he went to schools in Japan, Belgium, France, and England:


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